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Berlin – Vibrant and prosperous city filled with amazing sites

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Hotel Müggelsee Berlin
Hotel Müggelsee Berlin - Berlin
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Berlin, the largest city in Germany, also ranks second amongst European Union's most populous cities. It is known for its creative genius, where you can expect an open and tolerant atmosphere for every type of art, music, and culture. Its rebirth as a city has been spectacular and visiting landmarks like the remains of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate, and Reichstag, is just like walking down history's lane. Complementing the rich history of the place are many famous museums, such as the museums Neues Museum and Jewish Museum, and even the Currywurst Museum celebrating the country's love for sausages. On the entertainment front, the party never ends in the city, experience awesome techno at the Berghain, or non-stop disco at Cookies. For die-hard shoppers there is Mitte District with its countless boutiques and departmental stores, and there is the vast flea market at Mauer Park.

Location: On the European Plain and By the Spree River

Situated in Germany's northeast, Berlin is located by the Spree River. Even though the city is extremely hectic, everything runs smoothly, with its efficient network of trains and buses, and beautiful waterways contribute to the city's complex transport infrastructure. There are two commercial airports, Tegel (TXL) and Schoenefeld (SXF), which provide local and international flights.

Business: Offices of Third of World's Top 50 Companies

Around a third of the world's top 50 companies have set up their offices in Berlin. Businesses have thrived due to their close connection with the city's research and science institutions. Even during the worst economic times, the businesses in the city retained their competitive edge. The main reasons behind Berlin's success as a business center are its excellent research centers, universities and colleges, impressive and outstanding infrastructure, and qualified workforce.

Culture: Vivacious and Diverse

Berlin is considered the cultural capital of Europe. Thousands of artists from across the world come to this marvelous and eclectic city, which houses more than 420 art galleries. Popkomm, the largest music convention of Europe, is held annually, and the city serves as the European headquarters for MTV and Universal Music Group. The most vibrant and diverse nightlife in Europe can be experienced in Berlin, with its many nightclubs and bars, and there are numerous festivals held throughout the year.

Activities: Enjoy Art, Shopping, and Non-Stop Partying

Whether you are an art aficionado, avid shopper, nature lover, or prefer partying all night, you can experience all this in one city. Visit over 150 museums, 400 art galleries, whole districts dedicated to retail shops and boutiques, and innumerable nightclubs and bars. Visit historical sites that serve as live bookmarks of history books, and experience the fascinating natural beauty of the vast Grunewald forest.