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Why should I stay in a hotel in Chengdu?

610041 Chengdu City center: 5.7 km
Dbl. from 98.00EUR
610000 Chengdu City center: 7.3 km
Dbl. from 54.00EUR
610041 Chengdu City center: 8.6 km
Dbl. from 61.00EUR
610000 Chengdu City center: 9 km
Dbl. from 66.00EUR
610036 Chengdu City center: 5.8 km
Dbl. from 59.00EUR
610200 Chengdu City center: 16.3 km
Dbl. from 54.00EUR
611830 Chengdu City center: 3 km
Dbl. from 21.00EUR
610041 Chengdu City center: 12.9 km
Dbl. from 60.00EUR
611730 Chengdu City center: 23.2 km
Dbl. from 104.00EUR
610041 Chengdu City center: 2.4 km
Dbl. from 99.00EUR
610041 Chengdu City center: 7 km
Dbl. from 64.00EUR
610041 Chengdu City center: 1.8 km
Dbl. from 75.00EUR
610017 Chengdu City center: 1.9 km
Dbl. from 59.00EUR
610041 Chengdu City center: 5.3 km
Dbl. from 115.00EUR
610041 Chengdu City center: 6.4 km
Dbl. from 80.00EUR
610016 Chengdu City center: 0.7 km
Dbl. from 44.00EUR
610016 Chengdu City center: 9.6 km
Dbl. from 72.00EUR
610021 Chengdu City center: 2.3 km
Dbl. from 85.00EUR
610041 Chengdu City center: 0.1 km
Dbl. from 82.00EUR
610016 Chengdu City center: 1.9 km
Dbl. from 111.00EUR
610021 Chengdu City center: 2 km
Dbl. from 83.00EUR
610012 Chengdu City center: 1.8 km
Dbl. from 101.00EUR
610041 Chengdu City center: 8.3 km
Dbl. from 55.00EUR
610041 Chengdu City center: 0.6 km
Dbl. from 135.00EUR
610503 Chengdu City center: 21.6 km
Dbl. from 69.00EUR

Locacted in east China, and the capital of the Sichuan province, Chengdu is one of the best places in the country for business travellers. Recent studies by US think tanks place Chengdu at the top of China's economic league table, making it one of the most important commercial centres in the world. The city's population exceeds fourteen million, and is expected to continue growing.

What will I find next to my hotel in Chengdu?

The city has been chosen to host the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting in 2016. Chengdu also hosts the annual World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention and Fortune Global Forum. The city recently opened a high speed rail link with Poland, and nine new international air routes in 2016, making it more accessible to foreign investors than ever before.

What can I expect from my business experience?

Almost 250 Fortune 500 companies have offices in Chengdu, including UK companies AstraZeneca, Unilever and GlaxoSmithKline. Factors fuelling its powerhouse economy include strong human capital, strong central government support and investment, and the presence of high value-added industries. Chengdu is a world leader in aerospace and aircraft design, and electronics manufacturing. The city has one of the best resources in the world when it comes to business conventions, with numerous high-tech development and industrial parks. Tianfanu Software Park for instance, is located in the hi-tech industrial development zone, and is Asia's largest IT business park. It is both vast in scale and state-of-the-art, with acres of resources. Amongst the global giants, Chengdu also has a blossoming start-up scene that profits from the city's international infrastructure and wealth of high level business resources.

What else can I do from my Chengdu hotel?

Chengdu's World Centre has the largest floor space of any building in the world. Inside, you will find innumerable hotels, shops and even a faux Mediterranean village. Near your Chengdu hotel is shopping paradise Chunxi Road. Watch the giant pandas and golden monkeys gambolling in Chengdu's zoos, or enjoy the city's unique floral displays. Want to get out of the city? Escape to one of the summer resorts in the valleys surrounding the city for some hiking, camping and water sports. Just 220 kilometres from Chengdu are the Four-Sister mountains. Hike the alpine forests, past waterfalls, under the deep blue sky.