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Business possibilities in a Villars hotel

42390 Villars City center: 1 km
Dbl. from 32.00EUR
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Dbl. from 87.00EUR
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Dbl. from 61.00EUR
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Dbl. from 83.00EUR

Villars is a former mining town located in the Loire department of France. It's conveniently located within easy commuting distance of the commercial area of Ratarieux, which is just a short drive down the A72. It's also within close reach of Bois Monzil - the oldest railway bridge in Europe - and the city airport, which is perfect for international travellers. Vilars is a quiet town with a small population. This means you can get some work done during the day and relax during the evening while staying in a hotel in Villars.

What are the highlights when I visit Villars?

As well as having the thriving coal industry, dating back to early AD, Villars is home to historic monuments such as Bois Monzil and the Villars church. It's also surrounded with charming scenery, and guided walks are a popular way to get a feel for the area and take in some local sights. Villars also offers easy commuting to the bigger areas of Saint-Etienne and Roanne - a city well-known for its abundant employment opportunities.

Which businesses can I find in Villars?

Villars is a hub for mining thanks to its proximity to the coal basin of the Loire. One of the first active coal basins in Europe, it was first operated in the 8th Century and became a key location during the First Industrial Revolution. It's also neighboured by popular agricultural areas and is located near a top horticultural school, making it popular among those industries. Just 7km away is the more urban area of Saint-Etienne which also benefits from the lucrative coal industry as well as hosting a thriving manufacturing industry.

What can I do after work when staying at a hotel in Villars?

As well as maintaining its charm from its days as a hamlet, Villars has a number of monuments worth visiting for tourists. The Old Castle is a historic stronghold which was last renovated in 1910. Located slightly away from your Villars hotel, it makes a great day trip and is a great way to look further into the area's rich history. Villars is also home to the Castle of the Village situated opposite the famous Villars church. The church was an enclave chapter of Lyon, having been donated by Dean Blandinus to the Church of Lyon in the eleventh century.