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Kushiro is the fourth largest city on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. Kushiro is located in the Kushiro Prefecture.  Historically, this city has been one of the major ports for the Japanese islands due to the fact that it remains mostly ice free throughout the winter months.  The port's importance really grew in the 20th century as commercial fishing gained an incredible foothold in the Japanese economy. Kushiro was officially recognized as a city in August of 1922.  If you are looking for a new and interesting destination, you should consider booking a hotel in Kushiro with HRS.  This wonderful rural feeling city will allow you get a real feel for life in Japan.

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As with most cities and destinations, you will find a few interesting museums here.  The Kushiro City Museum is worth a look. It is located on a hill above Lake Haratori, and explores the local natural history.  Most exhibits include English descriptions, so you won't be confused or misunderstand what the exhibits are all about. The Kushiro City Zoo will be good fun for your whole family, and it is only a short drive from your Kushiro hotel. One of the more beautiful spots nearby is the Kushiro City Marsh Observatory.

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Kushiro is directly linked to Tokyo's Haneda Airport, and a flight is only about 90 minutes one way. You can take an airport shuttle from the airport into the city – the bus schedule matches the inbound and outbound flight schedule ensuring you can always find a bus to take you to town. You may want to seriously consider renting a car at the airport though. Public transportation in Kushiro is very limited, and taxis can get expensive after a while.

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