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  1. Ischgl
Ischgl hotels - work in the Tyrolean Alps

Ischgl hotels - work in the Tyrolean Alps

The Tyrolean Alps make Ischgl a popular destination for hikers and skiers. Business travelers can also book Ischgl hotels with

More than just a place for conferences: Hotels in Ischgl

The hotels in Ischgl provide business travelers and tourists affordable rooms through HRS.  The large hotel industry and the winter sport sector in Ischgl have no shortage of customers on their doorstep, thus visitors have many reasons to enjoy their stay in the Tyrolean Alps.

Ischgl Hotels - enjoy your holiday in the winter sports paradise with HRS

The hotels in Ischgl are often booked for multi-day visits, due to the peaceful atmosphere and the idyllic location near the Swiss border. In the winter you can go skiing, and in the summer, hiking, mountain biking and rafting.  These activities can always be enjoyed as a way of relaxation after a long day at work.

25 available Hotels in Ischgl (Tyrol)

  1. ELIZABETH Arthotel
    ELIZABETH Arthotel Ischgl
    12.86 km
  2. Seiblishof Familienhotel
    0.45 km
    13.39 km
    100.0 km

    Free with HRS Health and beauty vouchers valued at 10 EUR Free use of the sauna Welcome drink Parking directly by the hotel Bike rental

    Free with HRS:
    Health and beauty vouchers valued at 10 EUR
    Free use of the sauna
    Welcome drink
    Parking directly by the hotel
    Bike rental
  3. Alphotel Garni Salner
    No rating yet
  4. Neder
    Neder Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.85 km
    12.65 km
  5. Austria
    Austria Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.46 km
    12.86 km
  6. Sonnenhof Gasthof
    Sonnenhof Gasthof Ischgl
    No rating yet
    16.11 km
  7. Apart Maria
    Apart Maria Ischgl
    No rating yet
    12.49 km
  8. Lischana
    Lischana Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.59 km
    12.68 km
  9. Haus Kristall
    Haus Kristall Ischgl
    No rating yet
    1.98 km
    14.94 km
  10. Stefanie
    Stefanie Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.25 km
    12.95 km
  11. Trofana Royal
    Trofana Royal Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.34 km
    13.31 km

    Free with HRS Fruit bowl

    Free with HRS:
    Fruit bowl
  12. Bellevue
    Bellevue Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.33 km
    13.16 km
  13. Fortuna Pension
    Fortuna Pension Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.2 km
    13.23 km
  14. Apart Bergblick Pension
    No rating yet
    4.2 km
    15.57 km
  15. Fliana
    Fliana Ischgl
    No rating yet
    12.94 km
  16. Gramaser
    Gramaser Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.39 km
    13.35 km
  17. Lamtana
    Lamtana Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.42 km
    13.4 km
  18. Apart Maximilian
    Apart Maximilian Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.24 km
    13.26 km
  19. Castel
    Castel Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.2 km
    13.22 km
  20. Ischgler Hof
    Ischgler Hof Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.28 km
    13.28 km
  21. Garni Belmonte
    Garni Belmonte Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.81 km
    12.6 km
  22. Solaria
    Solaria Ischgl
    No rating yet
    12.71 km
  23. Apart welcom
    Apart welcom Ischgl
    No rating yet
    3.6 km
    23.19 km
  24. Föhre
    Föhre Ischgl
    No rating yet
    13.05 km
  25. Trofana
    Trofana Ischgl
    No rating yet
    0.21 km
    12.99 km
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