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Bromsgrove is a busy town in Worcestershire County of England. Situated approximately 13 miles from Birmingham and 16 miles from Worcester city centre, it  has a population of over 30,000. There are several interesting sites in and around the town. Book Bromsgrove hotels through HRS.com and have a wonderful trip.

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Bromsgrove first shows up in British documented history around the early 9th century.  In its early years it was a farming community that focused on pig farming and hunting.  In 1200, the town was given permission to host a weekly market. By 1317, they added on a 3 day August fair and the town thrived.  By the late Middle Ages, wool production was in full swing in Bromsgrove.  In 1841, the railway arrived, and this opened up a wave of new business opportunities, including a steam engine manufacturing facility.  Today the local economy is driven by light manufacturing, and many businesses have set up their offices in the town's business parks.  Bromsgrove hotels are well suited for both tourist and businesses visitors.  Book a room today with HRS and save.

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Bromsgrove is a quiet small town and as such does not have a lot in the way of major attractions.  This is a big plus if you are looking for a place to get away from the usual crowds at the popular destinations.  While you are staying in a Bromsgrove hotel, you can stop in to see St. John's Church in the town centre.  Sanders Park is a nice 16 acre park right near the town centre which has a tennis court, and an outdoor skate park.  If you enjoy history, you will want to check out the Avoncraft Museum of Historic Buildings which lies just outside town.  If you are visiting Bromsgrove on business, you will find that Bromsgrove hotels are very well suited for the business traveller.  They are centrally located and easy to access by car and public transit.

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There is no airport in Bromsgrove, although the Birmingham International Airport is not too far away,  you will generally need to find other transportation means to get to your Bromsgrove hotel.  If you have a private or hire car, you can drive along the M5 with passes along the west side of town.  The M42 motorway starts just north of town, so with these two major roads near Bromsgrove, and the A38 running right through the middle of town, you are sure to find your way here quite quickly.  If you prefer taking the train to your Bromsgrove hotel, you can catch a train in Birmingham New Street station, and you will be taken directly to the Bromsgrove railway station on the south side of town.  From there you can hail a local taxi or if you want some exercise, you can walk.  Buses run regularly throughout Worcestershire county, and you are sure to be able to find one heading the direction you need.  Look for the signs at the main bus terminals in Birmingham, or ask at the kiosks in the bus terminal.

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