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Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz hotels: Industrial history

Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz hotels: Industrial history

A city of around 12,000, Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz is an industrial city in the greater Nuremberg area. If this is on your itinerary for future business trips, then head to for a great selection of comfortable Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz hotels. When you book online, you can save time and money on your favourite accommodation.

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Located in an area of Germany known as "Little Switzerland", Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz hotels offer an outstanding location where you can enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery. The landscape in this part of Bavaria, which has mountains and was compared to Switzerland during the Romantic era, is the reason that the area has been popular with tourists for centuries. Stay in Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz hotels and explore the rivers, forests and mountains during an outdoor adventure.

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Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz hotels have hosted business travellers since the town became the site of a pencil factory in the 1880s, which later expanded into the production of electro-galvanic coal. Today, the economy of Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz is boosted by such companies as Graphite Cova and the Diehl Stiftung works. The city features excellent infrastructure with road and rail access to Nuremberg and other locations. Those travelling on business will find Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz hotels suitable for their needs.

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