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Kilmarnock is a large burgh located in East Ayrshire, Scotland. It is conveniently situated in attractive countryside, within reach of Glasgow and near the Clyde coast. For those seeking excellent and affordable accommodation in the town, HRS.com offers convenient and reasonably priced booking of Kilmarnock hotels.

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Kilmarnock hotels are among the best in Scotland. Some of the most notable landmarks in the town include The Dick Institute, Kilmarnock War Memorial, Burns Monument, Dean Castle, Dean Park, Howard Park Kilmarnock, Kilmarnock railway station, and Kilmarnock Cross. The Galleon Centre is a modern sports facility which boasts a swimming pool, skating rink, bowling parks and fitness rooms. Kilmarnock hotels offer great accommodation all year round. Visitors can also find lodging in country inns, guest houses, farmhouses, log cabins, youth hostels and caravans.

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For guests in Kilmarnock hotels, there are plenty of attractions to make a holiday exciting. The town boasts an abundance of scenic villages and hamlets, which are rich in historical heritage. The nearby towns of Dumfries and Galloway offer breathtaking and colourful scenery. Kilmarnock is an ancient museum which contains a rich collection of historical artefacts. The Palace Theatre hosts a wide range of entertainment activities all year round. Kilmarnock hotels and restaurants offer great traditional and international cuisine to suit every taste and budget.

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