FAQs for Internet partners and travel agencies

FAQs for Affiliates

1. Registration process

How much will it cost me to set up a partner link?

HRS will gladly accept you as a partner free of charge. Providing the booking link does not cost you a cent.

What do I mention in the contract for a website if I do not have one?

Our service applies equally to travel agencies and Internet partners. If you only want to book for your customers in the travel agency, simply leave this field blank.

What do I enter in the contract for the website if my website is not yet online?

Please send us the contract only when your site exists, so that we can check it before setting up the link. Alternatively, you can send us a test account.

What if I want to use the link for multiple sites?

Please send us a list of all homepages on which you want to embed the link.

2. Booking and function of the partner link

Is it allowed to charge an additional service fee as a travel agency?

You receive a commission from HRS. If you still charge a service fee, you must always show it separately from the HRS price. The price of the hotel must always remain apparent to the customer, because this is the only price they pay at the hotel.

What do I do as a travel agency with my booking link?

The best thing to do is to copy the link into the address field of your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox) and save the displayed page under Favorites. This way you can call it up again and again to search and book for your customers. ATTENTION: Please do not change the HRS affiliate link, there may be errors that cost you your commission.

How are my bookings counted?

Your booking link is directly linked to your customer number, so when you book through the link page, your bookings are automatically counted. The customer number in the booking link is for self-control.

Who do I contact if I have problems with a booking?

There is an online help on our homepage. If you still have questions about a booking, our reservation experts will be happy to help you by phone at +49 (0)221 2077600. Please note that we do not pay your affiliate commission if you call the HRS customer support and ask HRS to book the hotel for you.

How can I integrate HRS on my website?

Your webmaster must integrate the link into your site (we will send you the iFrame parameters after the registration) in order to make online bookings via HRS possible on your website. The best success rate for an integration on the homepage is the integration of the HRS link e.g. under the category “Hotel”, “Hotel bookings”, “Book hotels here” or “Book accommodation”. Another option is to integrate the link with a logo of HRS.

Which advertising media does HRS provide?

Advertising materials are provided with the booking link after registration. In this regard, it should be said that according to our experience, the click rate on a menu item “Hotel” or “Accommodation” is almost twice as high as when integrated via a banner.

Does HRS offer an XML interface?

Yes. Are you a metasearch website operator or an OTA and would like to access the HRS hotel content via API/XML interface? Then please send an email with basic information about your company to We will get back to you.

Are there any bookings that are excluded from commission payment?

Yes. Telephone inquiries and group bookings via e-mail (contact form) cannot be compensated. Likewise, remuneration of conference and group bookings requires prior registration with Conference/Group Online.

3. Statistics and Payment

Where can I see that I have booked via my link?

In your booking confirmation you will find the field “Booked via” in the section “Your booking data”. If you see your company name here, you have done everything correctly.

In addition, you will automatically receive a settlement report with all detailed booking information to your given e-mail address from us, provided that the minimum amount of 20€ has been reached.

Why don’t I see any customer names in my booking report?

HRS is not authorized to publish customer names for data protection reasons.

How does the payment process work?

With HRS, customers always pay directly upon arrival/departure at the hotel, without exception, therefore a payment of the commission can only be made after the guest has left the hotel.

The calculation of the refund is made in euros and is made within 60 days after the end of the billing period. The 60 day period is due to the fact that the hotel partners need this time for corrections. Payment will be made after another 5 days following the chargeback calculation.