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At HRS, we don’t promise a strategy and then hook you into a patched-together system of third-party solutions. We take a technology-first approach, providing you with a suite of wholly owned solutions built to feed data from one stage of the lodging journey to another. We layer in automation and AI, enabling you to gain continuous improvements in quality, efficiency and cost across the transient, MICE and dynamic project categories.

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Unlock the power of data to improve your company's lodging program from end to end

Take Control of Your Lodging Program

Lodging typically accounts for the second largest category spend in a corporate travel program, yet it’s often the one that causes the most headaches, with hotel leakage lingering around 60 percent for the industry. We empower you to take control of your lodging program with a procurement process that reins in costs by securing the best rates at the right hotels for your organization. Your travelers will be able to easily book using your program’s existing online booking engine configuration and, later, pay for their stays using a streamlined digital process. When you bring together the procurement, booking and payment processes you have a lodging program that’s in your control.


Make Data Work For You & Your Travelers

Your lodging program has no shortage of data attached to it, but collecting it, organizing it and extracting insights from it is a much more difficult prospect. Using cloud-based Big Data and machine learning analysis, we’ll help you to better understand your organization’s hotel spend, stay patterns, supplier use and traveler behaviors. Our integrated platform collects data along the procurement, booking and payment processes to continually create a clearer view of your lodging program so that you can adjust it to better meet the needs of your organization and the preferences of your travelers.

Gain Efficiency & Reduce Costs

The lodging category is categorized by lengthy, time-intensive processes, whether it’s travel buyers spending months negotiating annual rates or travelers wasting hours per trip searching for a hotel and later filling out a manual expense report. By working with HRS, you’ll be able to significantly reduce resource costs associated with the lodging category for both administrators and travelers from procurement to accounting. Using automation and AI we’re able to speed up or bypass the typical lodging processes and find real savings for your program along the way.


Drive Innovation in Your Travel Program

The corporate travel industry can be slow to invest in innovation, with entrenched legacy players keeping the status quo entact. At HRS, we work with our customers to develop new solutions that push the boundaries of travel management. Our owned technology allows us to be adaptable to our customers needs as new market pressures emerge. Some of our leading industry solutions came out of close collaboration with our global clients, which has allowed us to make them available to you. We may be category specialists, but we keep our eye on the big picture to ensure that your lodging program is meeting the needs of your organization’s whole travel management strategy. 

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