Green Stay

Building a greener lodging program

Did you know that hotels account for 21% of the emissions of an average business trip?

Green Stay Label

Travelers go Green

Protecting the environment for future generations is a core corporate value at HRS, which is why we’re helping corporations and travelers go Green – with Green Stay.

With travel accounting for 9% of global greenhouse gas emissions and with corporations renewing their focus on sustainable business practices, Green Stay will play an important role in sustainable travel. Green Stay provides a transparent means to assesses and report the ecological footprint of hotels using normalized data.



“Today we have the unique opportunity to finally take the right choices and act responsibly and consciously. With the HRS Green Stay initiative we strive to contribute to a cleaner future in travel, so that many more generations after us are able to explore the beauty and diversity of this planet.”

Tobias Ragge

Green Stay is coming soon

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