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Do you consider your Strategic Meetings Management Program bulletproof and ready to reach your goals in terms of savings, safety and compliance?


What you gain from working with HRS Meetings & Groups

You get access to technology and services, which gives you control over your Meeting category. One solution and one partner to negotiate, book, re-book, cancel, support, pay and report.

Controlling your hotel meeting and event spend to capture real savings is possible. Providing planners and attendees with a better experience during meetings, events and stays is possible. Gaining full visibility of your meetings and groups program to drive greater efficiency and align with your company's transient travel is possible.

It is possible because at HRS Meetings & Groups we focus on addressing the common pain points of procurement, management and event planners. We work with our customers around the globe to constantly innovate and adapt our solutions to complement and improve the entire hotel program.

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“During challenging times, it is priceless for corporates to rely on one trusted partner to manage the unexpected. Providing, with full transparency, support and strategic recommendations to further improve their Strategic Meetings Management Program.”

Emmanuel Ebray

Managing Director Meetings & Groups HRS

Why you should work with us

Advantages for Corporates

Meetings and Group bookings are a large area of spend in your business, with most corporations reporting a lack of transparency, control and efficiency.

With HRS Meetings solutions, you get:

  • Data transparency and cost control
  • Direct savings and an additional 2-digit % hard savings when combined with transient travel
  • Up to 59% internal costs savings with optimized processes (to source, to book, to pay and to manage invoice reconciliation)
  • Strategic account management and best-in-class Sourcing and SMMP capabilities
  • Higher satisfaction among planners & attendees
  • VAT recovery enabled wherever applicable and state-of-the art Payment solutions
  • Duty of care and compliance-conformity with Procurement policy

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Advantages for Meeting & Event Planners

With HRS meeting planners have the time to focus on the experience and the success of the event.

With HRS Meeting solutions, you get:

  • Technology and simple solutions to simplify the Search / Book / Contract / Invoice reconciliation process
  • Improved venue choice and availability
  • Quick and easy offer assessment
  • Interactive model of negotiation and contracting
  • Simplicity of processes & tools, with up to 70% time savings
  • Personal consultation from our worldwide experts
  • Ultimately more time to improve the attendee experience

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