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Bad Arolsen - Residence of the Princes of Waldeck-Pyrmont

The spa town of Bad Arolsen was the residence town of the Princes of Waldeck-Pyrmont from 1655 until the end of the First World War. It was also the capital of the Waldeck Free State until 1929. The earliest documents recording a reference to the town were in the 12th century at the founding of an Augustan nunnery. The city is a beautiful example of Baroque architecture with its stately presence. The city has a Grand Avenue, or Grosse Allee, which is one mile of an avenue that has about 88 German oak trees under which people walk and enjoy the avenue. Beautiful forests and the Northern Hessen Mountains surround the city. It has a mild and therapeutic climate, and it is an official health and wellness destination.

Location: Hessian City on the Orange Route

Located on the Orange Route, or Oranier Route in German, a holiday road that connects the towns and cities that are associated with the House of Orange, this German city is about 45 kilometers west of Kassel. The town is easily accessible by both bus and train, and you can find your way by automobile. The nearest international airport is in Dortmund, which is about 100 kilometers from the city.

Culture: Visit the Palace of the Princes of Waldeck

The Arolsen Castle, a stately residence of the Princes of Waldeck-Pyrmont, was built in the 18th century, and features ceiling paintings by Carlo Ludovici Castelli. This beautiful structure became the center of a Baroque city planning, although the complete plans were not carried out. However, it does have a beautiful landscaped park in which you can walk and enjoy the beautiful architecture. The castle still hosts some of the descendants of the royal family, and it also has a museum exhibition within the castle. Every year, the castle is home to the Arolser Baroque Festival.

Activities: Enjoy a Health and Wellness Vacation

As an official spa town, many visitors come to Bad Arolsen for health and wellness vacations. The health center, Arobella, has many options for health and wellness treatments that will suite all visitors. The Schlossbrunnen spring has many minerals, including fluoride, magnesium, sulfates, and calcium to help cure certain ailments. To complement the spa treatments, you can enjoy many outdoor activities, including walking and cycling. The nearby Lake Twistee has many trails in which to enjoy the beautiful and picturesque landscapes.