Heiligendamm – Getaway by the Sea

The city was first developed as a meeting place for high society and even nobility such as German Emperors. Its first guest came in 1793 and was also the founder. Many more followed in his footsteps. The resort town was soon considered the most fashionable and elegant vacation spot in the country. After World War II, much of the area was refurbished to its original glory. It remains an important place for high profile visitors, even drawing in United States President George W. Bush in 2006. Many families now come from all over Europe as well to enjoy the beaches and traditional architecture.

Location: On Germany's Northern Coast

Known often as the "White Town by the Sea", and it is right on Germany's awe-inspiring northern coast. Just across the water, you'll find two European countries within reach, Denmark and Sweden. Poland also lies not too far to the east of the city. For those who want to explore Germany's big city life as well, Hamburg is located a few kilometers to the south-west. The weather remains favorable most of the time, making this even more popular for those who wish to escape harsher climates.

Culture: Historical Sites All Over

This old German town has taken great care to preserve important and historical buildings that show its long history. The City and Bath Museum was erected in 1888 and houses a house garden that locals love to visit in the summer. This facility is dedicated to the history of Germany's first seaside resort. Cistercian monastery's history dates back to 1171 and soon became a place of pilgrimage. Most of it is still intact and includes two square kilometers of land. The Granary is a site to see as well, built in 1270 and situated inside the oldest monastery in the area. Many young and old meet here to socialize, and it houses a youth art school as well as an exhibit on the history.

Activities: Health and Outdoor Recreation

Recreation in Heiligendamm is mostly focused on the outdoors and health as well as the beach, of course. Enjoy a full day in the sun swimming and partaking in water sports with the whole family or just sun bathe and gaze at the blue waters. For an even more relaxing experience, visit one of the two health so as in the area. Beach Castle Arielle was actually designed by local artists in the Art-Deco style to give those in the bio sauna, solarium, or whirlpool a unique experience. Hikers and cyclists can find refuge at the Quellental, which once belonged to monks. It contains clear spring water and trails galore. For an adventure, take the whole family or your date to one of the many ranches for horseback riding lessons.