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Why should I stay in a hotel in Machelen-Diegem?

With Brussels Airport on its doorstep, Machelen-Diegem is the first port of call for many business travellers to Belgium. Just nine kilometres from Brussels, Machelen-Diegem hotels enjoy plentiful benefits as a result of its accessibility to international travellers. As a consequence of increased investment to the area, the population is rising sharply. In the past ten years it has been the second fastest growing municipality in Flanders.

What will I discover in Machelen-Diegem?

Besides the strength of its location and dynamic economy, Machelen-Diegem is notable for its investment in sustainable living. Not only will you find a plethora of modern, sustainably-designed buildings and homes in the vicinity, but sustainability is ingrained in the local business culture. Since the 1950s, a research centre, the Centre for Research in Veterinary and Agrochemical (CODA) has made an important contribution to the local community and economy. Events and symposia at the centre attract international academics and scientists, and the important research undertaken here puts Manchelen-Diegem firmly on the map.

How will I find it to do business in Machelen-Diegem?

Historically, the Machelen-Diegem area was a seat for industrial activities including metal, chemical and pharmaceutical works, and manufacturing. Industry has since given way to secondary and tertiary businesses, and large areas of land previously used for industrial work have been redeveloped at low cost. This has put Machelen-Diegem in a strong position to capitalise on its proximity to an international airport and the important commercial centre of Brussels. Many businesses in the town specialise in sustainability, long term investment and ecologically-friendly corporate practices. Sustainable living extends to a healthy work-life balance, and plentiful parks and public spaces in the town, mean that despite the accessibility of the city, its serenity is not diminished.

What else can I do from my Machelen-Diegem hotel?

The town's recent investment in public space means that there are a wealth of attractive spots to enjoy. The green spaces throughout the town and in its environs offer executives a chance to wind down after a long flight or day in the office. Hiking and cycling are popular activities in the summer months. An effervescent programme of theatre, concerts and comedy is also on offer across three different cultural centres. A hotel in Machelen-Diegem will put you within easy access of the European Union´s thriving unofficial capital, creating a perfect working environment.