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Ettlingen – A medieval city with a charming Old Town

Tucked in the corner of south-west Germany is the city of Ettlingen, a small town with a rich history dating back to the Roman Empire. The Old Town is the city’s greatest asset and a charming place to walk around. Here, you’ll find modern shops set amongst medieval-looking buildings and traditional restaurants. The location of the city on the edge of the Black Forest makes Ettlingen a great place to experience the outdoors, and there are plenty of activities to enjoy during your stay, from hiking and mountain biking to walks along the beautiful Alb River, which flows through the city. Also a cultural city, you will find museums, monuments, castles, and local festivals to take part in and admire.

Location: The state of Baden-Württemberg, south-west Germany

The city is marked by two distinct natural landmarks - The Black Forest and the Alb River, which flows through the city. The closest airports are Baden-Airpark, and Strasbourg Airport is located just over the French border. The town is served by train via the Ettlingen station and by car via the A5 motorway.

Business: Popular location for technology companies

This is a convenient centre for business, and it is known as a popular location for technology companies, especially companies specialising in IT. The nearby Karlsruhe Institute of Technology also influences the economy of the area. Meetings and congresses are often held at the City Hall as well as several large local hotels.

Culture: Local festivals, theatre, and a central museum

You can find a diverse cultural scene in Ettlingen that involves events, festivals, and performance. Classical music lovers can find productions with the Symphony Orchestra Association, and art enthusiasts will be entertained at the Ettlingen Museum. Visitors during the summer should also be sure to enjoy the Castle Festival for excellent theatre productions.

Activities: Visit the Old Town and enjoy various sports

The Old Town in the city centre is the highlight, and a pleasant place to enjoy an afternoon. There are many shops and restaurants surrounded by some beautiful architecture. Outside of the centre, there are plenty of ways to be active. Visitors can enjoy horseback riding, golf, hiking, and tennis, among other activities.