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Reasons to go for a business hotel in Ipoh


Located in the Kinta Valley near Hulu Kinta, Ipoh is one of the largest cities in Malaysia and the capital of Perak state. Owing to a mining boom, it grew as an important trade hub in the 19th century. Today, diverse industries make it a place of interest for many business travellers. If you are planning on visiting Malaysia to boost your business, make your stay as convenient and pleasurable as possible by opting for a business hotel in Ipoh.

Which attractions should I visit after work?

The city of Ipoh has also grown on the tourism front, and there are plenty of entertainment options if you have some free time to check out the city. A must-visit landmark in the region is Gua Tempurung, a cluster of massive limestone caves that can be explored with a guided tour. As a business traveller, you will find Kong Heng Square particularly interesting. This vibrant bazaar area was developed by a group of businessmen, and here you will see collectibles being sold and several restaurants and cafés offering a wealth of choice to all who visit.

Which trade events in Ipoh can I look forward to attending?

An important city in Perak, Ipoh is an excellent place to visit when you are looking for business opportunities. The city hosts many business-related events and trade exhibitions that offer good platforms to network and learn about different industries and trade sectors. Some events that you could attend during your stay at an Ipoh hotel include the Facon Education Fair-Ipoh, a large showcase of education-related products and information on higher education and training. Other trade exhibitions are the Perfect Lifestyle Home & Living Exhibition and the three-day Baby & Kidz Fair.

What are some things to do near my hotel in Ipoh?

Even if you are staying in a Ipoh hotel on a business trip, you can take some time out to soak up the many experiences on offer. Sip on some of the city's famous white coffee and taste delicious local dishes like "Sar Hor Fun". You can also head to the vibrant Old Town area, a commercial district where you can take a walk and feast your eyes on some creative street art and local culture.