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        Linz – A dynamic city in a dramatic setting

        The European Capital of Culture in 2009, Linz has story to tell. Once a provincial Roman capital and now a booming industrial city and economic power centre, this is a place that has seen as many curves and changes as the river Danube that it rests on. Its modern and bold public art installations indicate the city’s present course: proudly and creatively into the 21st century. Downtown, its pretty streets, lively nightlife, and vibrant theatre scene will delight visitors who explore further than its industrial peripheries, whilst pleasant parks offer respite after a long day at work, or a busy night on the town.

        Location: Austria's Danube city is well-connected to the world

        The third largest city in Austria, Linz is nestled in the banks of the Danube River, only 30 miles south of the Czech border. Linz Hauptbahnhof, the city’s railway station, serves over 30,000 people each day and acts as a gateway to the city from the rest of Europe. The city’s airport also receives flights from a number of leisure and metropolitan destinations.

        Business: Where machinery and construction thrive

        Austria’s second largest commercial centre has over 6,500 businesses operating in the city and supporting 205,000 jobs. Significant industries include steel, machine construction, and industrial plants, with large players including VA Technology, Rosenbauer International, and the Austrian Shipyard Corporation. Other areas of industry include work in chemistry research in the fields of food science, pharmaceutical, and agriculture. Exhibitions and conferences are often held at The Design Centre and the Austrian Railway’s Logistics Centre, which both have cutting-edge technology at their disposal.

        Culture: Moving monuments and stirring churches

        The city is home to several magnificent religious buildings, including Mariendom Linz, the largest cathedral in Austria, with 20,000 seats. Another, the Wallfahrtsbasilika pilgrimage church, is found located in the mountains of the city and can be reached via tram. Once at the top, visitors are treated to spectacular views over the metropolitan area. The Mauthausen memorial in Linz offers a harrowing reminder of those who suffered in the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camps between 1938 and 1945.

        Activities: Varied nightlife and relaxing parks

        Linz offers an exciting music and arts scene, with evening entertainment to suit every taste. The legendary “Bermuda Triangle” is the place to go for a busy night out, but visitors seeking a more relaxed evening might enjoy a night in the classier bars of other parts of the centre. During the day, the Danube Park on the river offers a central spot for visitors and locals to relax after a busy night.