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Hotels in Lumut guarantee customer satisfaction

The coastal town of Lumut in the Manjung District of Malaysia is known as the gateway to Pangkor Island. In Malay, Lumut means 'moss' or 'seaweed,' this is because the beaches here are rich in lichen. You can book a hotel in Lumut near the town centre to get easy access to public transportation and boats to Pangkor Island. The area is famous for its coral handicrafts and seashells.

What activities are there in Lumut?

There are many exciting things to do in Lumut such as boating, fishing, snorkelling and much more. Scuba diving is a particularly exciting activity for beginners and veterans. Even when visibility isn't perfect, you still may be lucky enough to spot plenty of marine life such as seahorses and barracudas which inhabit Lemut's shores. Farewell Rock is said to be one the best places for diving as it has the best visibility and an abundance of marine life.

What can I expect from business in Lumut?

The fishing town of Lumut houses the Boustead Naval Shipyard, the biggest naval shipbuilder in Malaysia. The Royal Malaysian Navy is also based in Lumut. Ferrys and boats to offshore islands like Marina and Pangkor can be hired from the Lumut jetty. There are many hotels in Lumut that offer business tariffs and have conference rooms for holding business events and meetings.

What can I do outside of my Lumut hotel?

The Rahmat Maritime Museum is an interesting battleship museum near the Lumut waterfront. Exploring the old navy battleships is an interesting visit for fans of maritime history. Clamber onto the top deck to find the main naval gun and take a look through the sights of the gunner. You could also visit the Teluk Nipah on Pangkor, where you can enjoy the blue waters of the Malacca Strait. This is a great beach where you will find restaurants open late into the night, you can even have your dinner right on the beach. There are also plenty of bars and convenience stores nearby. Leave your hotel in Lemut and hop on a boat to Pulau Sembilan which is famous for its 'blue tears,' which are actually luminous blue planktons. The sea here has crystal clear water and the 'blue tears' are the most visible at low tides.