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Norderney - Germany's “Queen of the North Sea"

This is the youngest of the seven East Frisian islands, only existing since the 16th century. It is actually the remnant of a larger island once called Buise. It used to operate as a small fishing island in the 1500s, and then sea trade grew in popularity here in the 18th century. When tourism took off, it became the first German resort on the North Sea. In the early 1900s, visitors began to outnumber inhabitants, bringing in almost 40,000 tourists a year. The island has actually been mentioned in two works of literature written in the 20th century, one a novel, and one a collection of short stories. Its main draw is still its status as a spa resort.

Location: Off the North-Western German Coast

The whole island is 14 kilometers long, making it the tenth largest island in the area. It neighbors the island of Baltrum to the east and Juist to the west. Half of the island actually belongs to the beautiful Wadden Sea National Park of Lower Saxony. The city of Norderney can be reached by ferry from Norddeich on the mainland, and by plane, it is even easier, since there is actually an airport within the city.

Culture: Known for Recuperation and Relaxation

This island is known for being healing and natural, and for good reason. Norderney is famous for its unspoiled nature, including the National Park. Access to the park is restricted due to the many types of wildlife located within that need protecting. A unique range of flora and fauna exist everywhere on the island, and are allowed to by the constant flux of the ecosystem due to the influence of the dynamic tides. Also, if you're looking to relax and get away to heal, this is the place to be in Germany. Sail away from the main land on a ferry, and discover the wonders of Thalasso therapy and the healing powers that the North Sea can provide. The largest Thalasso center in Germany is located here, offing over 8,000 square meters of seawater pools, saunas and wellness treatments involving algae, mud, and other natural elements from the sea.

Activities: Shopping and Dining to Sunbathing and Bike Riding

If you're looking to go on a shopping spree, you can find anything and everything you might ever want to buy here in Norderney. Chocolates, beach pebbles, and books galore are just some of the many things shops carry all along the beach strip. Food itself is quite a popular way to spend money on as well. The scent of fresh fish, waffles, and confections can be smelled from the beach, drawing in passers-by. The pristine beaches themselves also draw in thousands a year, offering the ultimate sunbathing experience as well as swimming and many water sports. Experience jet skiing or water skiing for the first time, or take a romantic boat ride with a loved one. For even more athletic experiences and a tour of the natural flora and fauna on the island, take advantage of the 80 kilometers of biking and walking trails that pass through dunes and marshes.