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A hotel in Rooty Hill is a great base for business in Sydney

2766 Rooty Hill City center: 1.2 km
Dbl. from
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Nature-lovers, city-livers, business travellers and all types in between have found Rooty Hill to be a fantastic place to find accommodation when in Sydney. This is largely thanks to the area's leafy, relaxed setting and proximity to the city - however, it also says a lot about the fact that Rooty Hill hotels provide state-of-the-art facilities and amenities well suited to international business travellers.

What should I expect in Rooty Hill?

The first impression may not be what you're expecting in a city of 5 million people - Rooty Hill is a lush, uncrowded district with beautiful natural surroundings including the eponymous hill and pristine Nurragingy Reserve. Still, don't forget that this is a suburb on the western fringes of Sydney, Australia's largest and most dynamic commercial hub, and you can be in a conference in the CBD, enjoying a meal at The Rocks or snapping a photo of the Opera House within an hour of leaving your hotel in Rooty Hill.

Why does Rooty Hill attract business travellers?

Providing proximity to Sydney's commercial core as well as a relaxed location, Rooty Hill is a popular choice for business travellers in the city for obvious reasons. Sydney is an emerging global financial powerhouse, with countless major international trade fairs, conferences and high-profile business events taking place all around the city, all through the year. However, Rooty Hill itself has a thriving local economy that continues to grow and diversify across industries like primary and secondary manufacturing, tourism and retail. Moreover it enjoys constant stimulation from sporting events at three major facilities in the vicinity: Blacktown International Sportspark, Sydney Motorsport Park and Sydney Dragway.

What else will I discover with a hotel in Rooty Hill?

Those who want their hotel in Rooty Hill to be more than simply a bland base for business can rest easy - Rooty Hill offers a lot more than its commercial advantages. Sports fans (from motor-racing to cricket and lots in between) will want to check what major events are on; and with several stunning natural reserves and the excellent Featherdale Wildlife Park nearby, you don't have to go far to get among nature for a relaxing stroll or to observe Australia's famous flora and fauna.

The top recommendations in Rooty Hill

Family with small children (ages 0 to 6)

Size of the room, the fact that everything was new, clean and good quality.