Seeon - A Bavarian Escape Amongst Alpine Lakes

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The southern German town of Seeon is a dream getaway for health- and relaxation-seekers. Nestled in the Seeon Lakes district–a protected nature reserve of Alpine kettle lakes, whose waters originate from Ice Age glaciers–this historic settlement has been inhabited since ancient times by commoners and European royalty alike. Though visitors will find cultural artifacts and heritage dating back thousands of years, the main draw in modern days is provided by Seeon’s federal status as a health resort. With plenty of recreational activities including skiing, hiking, biking, sailing, and horseback riding all within easy reach, travelers will find Seeon a perfect microcosm of Bavarian life.

Location: A Quiet Lakeside Retreat

Seeon rests comfortably amongst the lakes of the Bavarian Alps, in the southeastern corner of Germany and at the northern edge of Lake Chiemsee. The town is easily accessible by rail via the station at Bad Endorf, or road from across the country and beyond. The nearest major airports can be found in Munich and Salzburg (in neighboring Austria.)

Business: A Stunning Vantage Caters to Business and Pleasure

As a health resort, Seeon’s economy is largely based around tourism and hospitality, but recreation-seekers aren’t the only visitors. At the Kloster Seeon, a former monastery and current cultural and conference center, business travelers convene for meetings set against a lush lake-and-mountain backdrop, following up the day’s work with a dip into the cool waters or jaunt into the nearby peaks.

Culture: An Ancient Settlement with a Storied History

With more than a millennium of history as a recognized municipality, and countless years prior as an ancient residence of the Celts and, later, the Romans, Seeon is packed with European heritage. The most famous local attraction may be the Seeon Abbey, a former Benedictine monastery influenced and re-built countless times over the centuries (and once host to an actively-composing Mozart), which today has been renovated and reopened as a cultural and education center. The town has also been federally certified as a health resort, and today primarily attracts vacationers and relaxation-seekers–guests regularly make up as much as a third of the population at any given time.

Activities: Discover the Bavarian Landscape

Seeon is a slice of heaven for outdoors enthusiasts. With numerous summits to explore (try hiking up the Kampenwand, Hochgern, Hochries, or Klausenberg mountains), hikers and mountain bikers can grab their fill of nature and scenic viewpoints. At lower altitudes, the numerous lakes call out to swimmers and boaters, while extensive trails and grasslands lend themselves quite well to horseback riding.