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Hotels in Skövde - forward-thinking business

Booking a Skövde hotel gives you access to an important commercial and industrial centre in Sweden, with excellent connections to major business cities such as Gothenberg and Sweden's capital, Stockholm. Having been the base for the building of the original railway between these two cities, Skövde retains its identity as a transportation hub. It's also the home of major transport association Vasttrafik, and the famous Swedish car manufacturer Volvo. Recent years have seen the city become a nexus for digital business not only in Sweden, but throughout Europe.

What makes Skövde stand out?

Close to Stockholm and nestled between Sweden's largest lakes, Skövde is a dynamic commercial centre. The city's university partners with its Business Unit, offering exceptional resources that draw international talent in the digital field. The state-of-the-art Gothia Science Park for example is a research centre for technology that has supported Skövde's development into an important economy. Visitors also seek out Skövde for its idyllic national parks, which provide a soothing complement to the enterprising city.

What is it like to do business in Skövde?

Skövde has come a long way from its industrial beginnings, evolving rapidly in recent years into a centre for digital business. The best time to come is during the city's Business Week, held in October, when emerging and established businesses come together to network and focus on technical and organisational development. However, there is also an exceptional business calendar running throughout the year, packed with programmes and events that are suitable for a diverse range of businesses, from fledgeling start-ups to seasoned corporations.

What else can I look forward to when I book a hotel in Skövde?

Once you've chosen your Skövde hotel, its stunning surroundings await. Nearby nature reserves, including Nohlmarken, protect some of Sweden's most scenic landscapes. In the winter, these are best enjoyed Scandinavian-style, on cross-country skis. For those of an athletic persuasion, Skövde's sports facilities are second to none, including the best aqua park in the country. In addition to its lively cultural scene, the city offers delights such as Askeberga. This Iron Age assemblage of gigantic stones of mysterious origin has attracted attention from leading archaeologists and geophysicists, as well as curious visitors. You'll also find an exceptional shopping mall with over 300 stores, and year-round events held at the Culture Centre and Art Museum.