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Tegernsee – Royal city with blue waters and green forests

The serene getaway was the Bavarian royals’ choice of summer residence for a reason. From its humble beginnings as an abbey town, Tegernsee has been known as a quiet and natural place to visit and live. It is the perfect escape in the summer, with the most sunny days in the country, and the sky full of stars keep tourists coming back year after year to relax and forget about all the stress of their daily lives. Tons of beautiful landscape encourages outdoor family fun as well as some soul searching that can be done outdoors or at one of the many spas in the area. Nature lovers will never want to leave this amazing Bavarian paradise.

Location: Surrounded by an Alpine Landscape

50 kilometers south of Munich, one can find an unspoiled Alpine landscape. Close to the Austrian border, these towering peaks make for an amazing backdrop along with the lake from which the town gets its name. It has become a prized feature of the town, as it is known as one of the cleanest bodies of water in Germany. Since it is fed by mountain streams, it is actually safe to drink from!

Business: Take a train to tour a natural oasis

Tegernsee's main industry is tourism, and it comes as no surprise with the draw of the many health spas and attractions for nature lovers. A local orthopedic clinic actually employs the most residents in the town. Traffic in the city is rather tame, with only a couple of major roads.

Culture: Athleticism and Historical museums

Immerse yourself completely in Bavarian culture while enjoying fresh air and clean water away from the worries of a big city. Discover the abbey that the town was built around, and get in touch with your spirit on the lakeshore. If you need a more invigorating experience, head to the mountains for a hike or take a swim in the pristine lake waters.

Activities: Splashing in the Water

It is easy to guess that life in this charming Bavarian village centers around the glistening lake it is named after. Water sports activities are the name of the game here, including fishing. Nordic walking is also a very popular activity in the Alpine mountains surrounding the quiet getaway. To top it all off, the north wing of the picturesque Tegernsee Abbey is home to one of Germany's oldest breweries. Take a tour and get a taste of authentic Bavarian libations.