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Why to stay at a hotel in Unterschleissheim

Unterschleissheim is a small town located just 17km north of Munich's city centre in Bavaria, Germany. Set upon the beautiful Lake Unterschleissheim, this town offers a taste of real Bavarian culture. With a hotel in Unterschleissheim, it's easy to get to Munich's city centre via public transportation, while being able to fully enjoy the peaceful respite of the suburbs.

Plenty of bicycle trails and other outdoor activities await you in Unterschleissheim. But if you prefer to relax with a great pint of German beer at a local 'Wirtschaft', or brewhouse, you can do that too.

What can I do in my free time in Unterschleissheim?

Unterschleissheim offers an excellent introduction to Bavarian life. Grab a beer and a plate of chicken at the Brauerei Gasthaus Lohhof, and spend some time hanging out in the beer garden. If German food isn't your thing, try the delicious Greek dishes at Onassis, or Italian dishes and pizza at Azzurro. If the weather is nice, head to Lake Unterschleissheim with the locals. In the summer, it's the town's go-to for sunbathing and swimming. During the winter months, this place turns into an ice rink or a curling rink. Much of the town life centres around the lake.

What makes Unterschleissheim a good business destination?

Unterschleissheim is a hub for big business, with events taking place at Stadt Unterschleissheim year-round. Many corporate offices are also located here, including Adobe Systems and Microsoft. Otherwise, Unterschleissheim has excellent connections to Munich via highway or public transit. There are two train stations on the Munich-Regensburg line with easy connections to the regional rail.

What are some highlights near my hotel in Unterschleissheim?

The town centre is lovely and easily explored on foot from your Unterschleissheim hotel. Here you'll easily be able to find the beautiful Glockenspiel on the Town Hall Tower. Be sure to also check out Old St. Ulrich's Church, or Mallertshofener Church, for some classic German architecture in a charming setting. If you have time, visit the Museum Unterschleissheim. It offers a unique collection curated by local Wolfgang Christoph, detailing the history of the area. There's also the Heimatmuseum, which details local history all the way back to the Neolithic period. Artefacts on display include a perfectly preserved stone axe and an abundance of agricultural equipment.