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Wittmund - On the water and in the air

Like many coastal towns, Wittmund has a strong relationship with water and the sea. A number of ferries run between the town’s port and the neighbouring islands of the North Sea, while the town is home to not one but three water parks, all of which are popular with local and visiting children. But the town also has a strong connection another key element: the air. The town’s coastal location made it the perfect spot for an aircraft base, and an annual air display by the Luftwaffe attracts thousands. This is a family friendly and accessible town, which offers great links to the historic north coast of Germany.

Location: Wittmund: South of the North Sea

Wittmund is not a huge city, but it is significant as the capital of the Wittmund province, and as a gateway to the north coast of Germany. It is just 115 km north of Bremen, and 80 km east of the German border with The Netherlands, and the town is served in every direction by the autobahn, making it easy to get in and out.

Business: At your service

A burgeoning tourist industry has seen a sharp rise in employment within the service industry in Wittmund. Many people use the town as a cheaper and calmer alternative to the likes of Oldenburg and Emden, or use it as a jumping off point to explore the North Sea coast.

Culture: Outdoors living

While Wittmund has its fair share of nearby theatres, galleries and cinemas, this is very much an outdoorsy sort of town, with an emphasis on sport, swimming, and nature. Walk around the town centre to see some of the old buildings with their distinctive coastal architecture, and head north to explore the natural wildlife along the pristine beaches.

Activities: Just keep swimming

In order to make the most out of your visit to Wittmund, you better be able to swim. While the North Sea is usually much too cold for a swim, the various public swimming pools and water parks, which are found in and around the town, are perfectly warm and safe. Braver souls can hire a kayak and explore the Harle Rive–just make sure you don’t fall into the icy water!