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Zirndorf - A Town of Beer and Toys

The charming town of Zirndorf, a suburb of Nuremberg, offers visitors a smaller and more relaxing place in which to experience the area, including the attractions of the city itself. The first mention of the city dates back to 1297. Although this city has a long history, it was almost destroyed by the battles of the Thirty Years' War. However, in the late seventeenth century, the brewing industry became established in the town, providing it with the industry needed to recover. You can still visit the brewery and enjoy eating in the restaurant and try the local brews. The toy industry came to town in the mid-19th century and remains important to the local economy.

Location: Suburb of Nuremberg in Bavaria

Near Nuremberg in the German state of Bavaria lies Zirndorf, which is part of the Fürth district. To arrive by car, you take the A73 or B8. There are also several train stations in town that connect to the regional trains from Fürth, Cadolzburg, Nuremburg, and Ansbach. There are also buses that come to town. You can also come via bicycle with the on the Biberttalweg bicycle route.

Culture: Stroll Through the Town and Enjoy the Historical Architecture

The city has many beautiful historic buildings, including the traditional half-timbered German houses. The Church of St. Roch has parts dating back to the 14th century and a baroque alter that was built in the early 18th century. It also features around 44 beautiful paintings of Old and New Testament scenes. The Vestner tower provides a glimpse of the history of the city, as well as an observational deck in which to see the beautiful surrounding towns, including Nuremberg. The tower was originally built in 1632 and was rebuilt in 1980.

Activities: Play with Life-size Playmobil Toys

The headquarters of Brandstatter Group, best known for the Playmobil toys, is in town with a Playmobil Funpark open year round. It features over 90,000 square meters of life size Playmobil fun for children that involves activity, not waiting in lines. For more family fun, visit the Bibert Bad, which has an indoor and outdoor pool along with a playground that has a big slide. If you want a more active time, then you can cycle or walk the many trails in and around town while enjoying the forests and other natural landscapes.