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Did you know that hotels account for 21% of the emissions of an average business trip?

Travel is going Green

The climate is changing, and with it society is changing. Environmentalism has become a number one priority for people from varying backgrounds around the world. This is evident in mass protest movements like Fridays for Future, which saw strikes in over 150 countries.

Governments are now listening to their citizens and are striving for a carbon neutral world by 2050. Climate emergency declarations have been declared in 1,890 jurisdictions (including 15 national governments and the EU) covering 826 million global citizens.

Protecting the environment for future generations is a core corporate value at HRS and is becoming increasingly important to companies as they respond to the calls for change. In fact, surveys have found that 40% of Millennials, who will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025, have chosen to work at a company precisely because of its performance and approach to sustainability issues.




What is Green Stay?

Green Stay provides corporations and travelers a well-defined global standard for the comparison of the ecological sustainability of lodging suppliers. Green Stay reporting is based on the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) founded in 2011 by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and the International Tourism Partnership which was further developed by a working group of numerous Hotel Associations.

Green Stay provides corporations and travelers a well-defined global standard for the comparison of the ecological sustainability of lodging suppliers. Green Stay supports:

­čŹâ Travelers in making green booking decisions
­čŹâ Corporations in building more sustainable lodging programs by providing normalized data from hotels on energy, water and waste usage.

The Pillars of Green Stay

Standardized reporting for all hotels and intuitive decision-making experiences for travelers.

  1. Developed by the industry
    Green Stay is based on the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) and follows the principles of ISO14064-1 and aspects of the GHG Protocol Standards
  2. Monitored by experts
    The HCMI methodology is developed under advisory of KPMG and the World Resources Institute (WRI), a GHG Protocol development partner.
  3. Globally standardized
    Green Stay and HCMI are aligned to the GHG Protocol’s Corporate Standard and Product Lifecycle Standard, and follows ISO14064-1.
  4. Extensively validated
    The Green Stay HCMI methodologyÔÇÖs practicality was tested with hotels in varying geographical locations, of different types, classes, and ownership.
  5. Continuously updated
    Data under the Green Stay is collected and reported for a twelve-month period, so that footprint data is never more than 18 months old.
  6. Exhaustive scope
    Green Stay incorporates all GHG emissions from activities within the premises, including; restaurants, meeting spaces, spas, gyms and back of house facilities.
  7. Practical output
    Corporate decision makers and end consumers are provided with a normalized and intuitive experience when choosing among suppliers.
  8. Green Heroes support
    Hospitality suppliers are enabled to advertise their renewable energy and sustainable production efforts transparently.

What does Green Stay monitor?

Size of Hotel




Waste Management

Renewable Energy/Resources

Water Management


Refrigerant Types and Consumption

Green Stay will be represented in corporate online booking engines (OBEs) such as KDS and SAP Concur

How to Build a Green Lodging Program ÔÇô On Demand Webinar

Recently HRS hosted panel discussions around the world with leading corporates and hotels discussing how building a sustainable lodging program could contribute to the achievement of a company’s green goals.

Now, we have consolidated these panel sessions into a one hour on-demand webinar ÔÇô How to Build a Green Lodging Program.

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Green Stay will also be represented in corporate procurement channels and corporate online booking engines (OBEs), such as KDS and SAP Concur.

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Tobias Ragge

Today we have the unique opportunity to finally take the right choices and act responsibly and consciously. With the HRS Green Stay initiative we strive to contribute to a cleaner future in travel, so that many more generations after us are able to explore the beauty and diversity of this planet.

Tobias RaggeChief Executive Officer (CEO) HRS Group LinkedIn