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The ability to isolate individuals through emergency accommodation programs during COVID-19 was largely unmanaged – with manual paper based processes, legacy systems, lack of actionable data and poor invoice reconciliation.

There is an easier way

HRS’ proven crisis management technology platform delivers rapid access to scalable accommodation options through data led procurement, smart booking/tracking applications and a touchless stay experience including full payment integration and virtual payment. HRS’ end-to-end proprietary technology is ready for integration and supported by a global crisis management trained team.

ÔÇťHRSÔÇÖ end-to-end process, especially the automated payment element, removed hassle factors for our front-line staff and employees in this unique time.

Beyond saving money on rooms, newly developed reporting from HRS ensured the seamless flow of required data for state and federal financial reconciliation activitiesÔÇŁ

–┬á Bill Amaral, Business Partnership and Travel Manager, State of California

Your on-demand lodging and technology partner for crisis management response

HRSÔÇÖ crisis management solution allows for intelligent real-time decisions, delivers rapid access to scalable accommodation options through smart booking applications and a touchless stay with payment integration. All powered by one platform.
HRSÔÇÖ end-to-end proprietary technology is ready for integration.


Situation analysis

local experts understand the accommodation landscape and can rapidly create a strategy to support your responders needs


Scalable procurement

at speed with alternative accommodation options built for mass volume requirements


Smart booking

with live inventory and AI predicted accommodation matches and offline support options available



Touchless payments, invoicing reconciliation that is automated to take the pain away from your organisation



Dynamic real time data to direct best decision making and deliver accurate forecasting and reporting

Proven Crisis Management Solution

HRS Establishes a Managed Hotel COVID-19 Response Program for State of California within 2 weeks.

Rapid Deployment

Supporting COVID-19 patients, primary care workers and those affected by California wildfires


Developed a COVID crisis response program from procurement to pay in only 2 weeks ÔÇô 2.5 Million Room Nights Booked to date.

Unmatched Hotel Network

3,500 hotels invited to bid at 85% RFP response rate in the midst of a global pandemic


85% Response Rate


HRS negotiated and loaded rates in 2 weeks with a 40% ADR reduction


40% ADR Reduction

Touchless Payments & Invoice Reconciliation

The initiative was going to be re-embursed by the Federal Government and so invoice collection was critical and easily auditable


Seamless Invoice Reconciliation with 96% immediate match rate

Operation Safestay – HRS receives COVID-19 Health Heroes Award

Unmatched Hotel Network

HRS undertook hotel assessments, negotiations and public health and security inspections


More than 73,000 room nights booked using 300 hotels across 8 regions

Scalable Platform

Request and manage inventory on-demand; make individual and group bookings, changes and cancellations immediately; and access on-demand management reporting providing real time data on the number of beds booked and held.


Allowing for effective forecasting and greater efficiencies

Cost Savings

Within the first week, a state-wide COVID rate was negotiated driving significant cost savings


Savings of $2.1million were achieved by the responding agencies

HRS Supports Major Cruise Ship During COVID-19 Outbreak

Unmatched Hotel Network

All hotels in the country were closed at this point in time due to COVID-19. HRS Co-ordinated with Civil Protection and all governmental and national security institutions involved to define criteria for hotel destination areas.


HRS convinced selected hotels to re-open even when all hotels were closed at the time.

Rapid Deployment

HRS were able to rapidly deploy the crisis management solution ÔÇô finding hotels, coordinating re-openings and facilitating disembarkment


1.5 hour turnaround for offering solutions on hotel re-opening

Clean & Safe

HRS helped international passengers of a major cruise ship remain safe during COVID-19 outbreak coordinating all unique services required for property.


1,100 guests accommodated in clean and safe hotels for 48 days


Hour by hour requirements adjustments available according to the national security adjustments


Highly dynamic and responsive crisis solution which was adaptable to changes

Touchless Payments


Seamless invoice reconciliation

“During times of crisis, having HRS as a partner has been imperative for our business. Their real time data is used to identify the overall number of people on the ground and also to determine where bookings have been made and may not be utilized.

Having this accurate data at hand allows for quick decision making and the ability for cost savings through data intelligence.

We have had excellent results and service levels working with HRS which is backed up by up-to-date system information in a disaster.” ÔÇô Queensland Energy

Enabling Safe & Sustainable Hotel Programs

Clean & Safe Protocol

A protocol providing both corporations and hoteliers with a well-defined hygiene standard.

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Green Stay Initiative

An initiative using normalized data to give transparency on the sustainability of hotels.

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