21st March 2023


What to expect?

March 21-22, 2023 | Intercontinental Hotel, Miami, FL

HRS is proudly supporting the Americas Procurement Congress gathering the leading minds in the Procurement space with an exciting agenda around the topic of “High Velocity Procurement”.

As a sponsor HRS has the honor of hosting a case study for which we think Siemens would be the perfect reference to speak to the audience of Procurement Leaders made up of companies such as Starbucks, GM or Nestlé.



    Creating value beyond savings and risk mitigation – factoring in sustainability, security and satisfaction into your travel procurement.

    In person

    In times of inflation and a global economic downturn on the horizon cost avoidance remains the key focus of procurement functions. At the same time expectations to factor in further components into the procurement suite are on the rise. Sourcing sustainably and providing secure and satisfying services to your employees has formed a new sourcing reality – but how to do this in an environment of constant change? Learn how data-driven procurement utilizing Machine Learning can support your travel procurement in the complex category of lodging in the example of leading technology company.

      Martin Biermann

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