delivering exceptional experience to disrupted passengers of Norwegian Air Shuttle

norwegian case study

The HRS Crew & Passenger Solutions – SaaS (Software as a Service) product was implemented in only 8 weeks covering disrupted passengers on the first day of platform go-live

This case study showcases how HRS Crew & Passenger Solutions supported Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norwegian) in delivering an exceptional customer experience in times of disruption and significant time savings for ground staff with the help of just one end-to-end platform.

In this case study we talk about:
  1. How to deliver an exceptional customer experience when it matters most

  2. How to best support your passengers in a stressful situation, protect passenger’s loyalty and offer an innovative service

  3. How to avoid long airport queues, general chaos and frustration among passengers and ground staff

  4. How to ensure 100% compliance and fully digital experience to your stranded passengers

  5. How to digitize and automate the outdated paper-based processes and deliver up-to 80% in time savings and efficiency gains for ground staff

  6. How to serve as one of the top innovative airlines advocating digitalization and customer-first approach

Find out the answers to the above points and learn more on specific delivery KPIs and achievements in the full cases study.