Sopra Steria Leverages Tech and Smart Practices to Achieve the Net Zero Business Trip

Sopra Steria, the Paris-based Tech leader and consulting group, is taking a leadership role in driving awareness of travel-related practices and choices that can reduce the carbon footprint of business travel. Earlier this quarter, Sopra Steria employees participated in an ambitious undertaking – the completion of a carbon-neutral business trip from Hamburg to Paris.

The prominent consultancy leveraged multiple tools to successfully achieve their goal. Over the course of their trip, they used HRS’ PayPense to track and reduce their environmental impact, measuring their carbon emissions, water and waste. Along the way, they minimized use of single-use plastics and only used rail and electronic-powered vehicles for transportation. To ensure the selection of a green lodging option, Sopra Steria considered hotel properties that had earned a label from HRS’ Green Stay Initiative, ultimately staying at a hotel with optimized water use practices and efficient carbon / waste operations.

In the end, looking at the four-night trip, Sopra Steria employees saved 66.5kg of carbon, 8.7kg of waste and 4248 liters of water by adopting these multiple sustainable practices. As they spread awareness of these practices across their workforce of 40,000+ colleagues on multiple continents, Sopra Steria is clearly taking trailblazing steps towards their goal of Net Zero status by 2028 – more than two decades ahead of European and United Nations goals.

“Sopra Steria is committed to aggressively implementing a combination of new technologies and still-evolving best practices to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of our travel program,” said Stephanie Meetz, Head of Administration Services of Sopra Steria. “By the nature of our business, we frequently collaborate in person with clients, prospects and partners on a broad range of initiatives. That means travel both today and in the future. With its array of lodging and payment technologies that neatly connect travel management, data compilation and green metrics, HRS Green Stay is key for us as we drive our sustainability initiatives forward on multiple continents.”

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