Unlock the potential of the new SAP Concur Travel Platform with HRS 

Transforming Business Travel: The Evolution of SAP Concur’s Hotel Connector with HRS

HRS is the pioneering partner of the new Hotel Connector within the evolution of travel platform. With its rich data and AI powered technology the integration of HRS into your travel eco-system and your SAP Concur platform delivers unparalleled benefits for you:  

Higher savings –  via AI-powered optimization 

Maximized options and availability –   via multi-source

Higher adoption – persona-based ranking and hands-off payment solution 

Time savings – less time for search due to persona-based recommendations 

CO2 reduction – via actionable property-level emissions data 

Real-time transparency and steering capability – connectivity and AI-powered HRS Insights Studio 

Supplier compliance – HRS rate audit capabilities 

100% compliant invoices and enriched Level 3 data as a base for maximized VAT reclaim potential 

Benefits as a Travel Manager:

Enhanced Capabilities for Travel Managers

As a travel manager, integrating HRS with SAP Concur allows you to:

Benefits for Travelers:

Improving the Traveler Experience

Travelers can enjoy a consumer-grade experience that includes:

Benefits for Finance & Expense Managers

Streamlining Finance and Expense Management

For finance and expense managers, the HRS integration provides:

Why Choose HRS for Your SAP Concur Integration?

HRS and SAP Concur’s collaboration is not just about integration; it’s about redefining the possibilities of corporate travel management. Embrace the future of travel with HRS’s innovative solutions that enhance every aspect of your travel program.