Lodging Market Trends & Insights Paper

What Procurement and Travel Managers need to know to be prepared for the upcoming 18 months

Business Travel is back & ADRs are rising – What now?

Travel programs have largely been frozen over the last two years. Corporates lost up to 90% of volumes and negotiation power, suppliers are increasing their pricing and employees will expect more than to be back where they left off – especially in terms of security, safety, quality and sustainability. To ensure that Procurement and Travel Managers are prepared for factors reinforcing the dilution of lodging programs, we would like to provide you valuable tips and recommendations for action that will help you respond effectively to global megatrends, current industry dynamics and the resulting new demands of your business travelers.

We are investigating trends & proof points around:

  1. Weekday Occupancy

  2. Average Daily Rate (ADR) on global, country and destination level

  3. Demand Recovery per industry

While also discussing: