HRS Launches AI-powered Lodging-as-a-Service Platform, Promoting Corporate Travel Managers to Travel CEOs

HRS Solves the Challenge of Fragmented Data for Hotel Programs, Delivering Unmatched Insights and Proactive Recommendations for Next Level Travel Management

Cologne, Germany – 8 August 2023 – HRS, the leading global corporate lodging and payment technology platform, today unveiled new automation that revolutionizes everyday hotel program management. With travel program leaders at Fortune 1000 companies challenged to manage an increasingly complex ecosystem and secure quality, actionable data from a sprawling array of sources, HRS’ pioneering technology provides a game-changing solution.

Despite the technological gains corporations in other industries have benefitted from, the corporate travel ecosystem remains limited by legacy systems and fragmented data. Timeworn technology far too often constrains the ability to rapidly collect and analyze valuable and consistent data, with travel programs lacking the insights that are the foundation for downstream program optimization.

HRS addresses the data puzzle with proprietary, synchronized technology that connects and collects data throughout all stages of the traveler`s journey. This end-to-end approach seizes data beyond transactional Level 2 to the richer Level 4 depth, incorporating granular invoice data across all segments, including transient, group, and longstay bookings augmented by carbon emission data on a property-by-property basis.

With this heightened level of insightful data, corporate program managers have an unparalleled, real-time expansive view on all aspects of their lodging program.  

Next Generation HRS Lodging-as-a-Service Platform Elevates Programs via AI-Driven Decision Making 

The enhancements of HRS’ Lodging-as-a-Service platform introduced in recent months serve as the AI-driven intelligent brain for the entire lodging program, proactively guiding the technology to perform instant and fully automated tasks along the guidelines input by program leaders.  

By automatically analyzing issues that could inhibit the attainment of program goals, the smart technology not only identifies problems but also offers next-best actions in a predictive manner – all without the travel manager having to engage. The technology enables new, meaningful insights into potential inefficiencies and offers resolutions that rectify issues before they actually impact program performance. Corporations have full control over data visibility, selecting relevant KPIs, and configuring performance scores that align with objectives.

“Travel managers now have time to become more strategic visionaries and orchestrate more impactful upgrades to their programs. They can effectively adopt the moniker of “Travel CEO,” said HRS CEO Tobias Ragge. “The enhanced Lodging-as-a-Service platform gets at the main driver of issues, exposing root causes via AI and ultimately making business life better for leaders and travelers.”   

Insights Suite Opens Doors to Virtually Unlimited Analytical, Automated Scenarios 

The enhanced Lodging-as-a-Service solution also features a powerful new Insights Suite. The Insights Suite covers specific topics and/or locations, with automation providing a unified structure and easy access to the precise information (i.e. savings, performance, duty-of-care, predictive metrics, etc.) needed. This consolidated, de-duplicated, and quality-assured single-point of data truth becomes the foundation for actionable insights and analytics, all conveniently accessible through a user-friendly self-service online platform.

Caption: HRS Insights Modules – Experience fastest time-to-insight through unified modules


Scenario Builder Predicts Impact of Potential Changes to Program Priorities

Objectives and priorities can change, often multiple times over the course of a calendar or fiscal year. Another attribute of HRS’ end-to-end platform and the analysis it generates is the ability to see a more accurate predicative view of potential future actions and their outcomes. Leveraging the platform’s Scenario Builder – all based on comprehensive, refined, real-time data found from the Lodging-as-a-Service platform – leaders can calculate projections based upon the calibration of the five key areas impacting performance: safety, satisfaction, savings, security and sustainability.

The ability to more accurately forecast the results of potential prioritization changes gives travel program leaders newfound peace of mind as those actions are implemented.

The Insights Suite and Scenario Builder are available to HRS corporate clients using the full breadth of the company’s end-to-end, Lodging-as-a-Service platform. Corporations interested in the HRS platform can learn more about its features and benefits here, and can also see a brief video here. HRS will also feature the Lodging as a Service platform at the Global Business Travel Association conference at booth # 3432 in Dallas on August 13-15. 

About HRS  

HRS is reinventing how businesses and governments work, stay and pay in today’s evolving global marketplace. Our unique Lodging-as-a-Service platform brings together hotel procurement, booking, payment and invoice reconciliation data to drive newfound transparency and savings for program management while making everyday business travel better for employees. HRS’ innovative platform approach to corporate lodging elevates hotel automation to new heights, while the company’s award-winning Green Stay Initiative technology helps companies achieve their climate targets. Find out more about why one-third of the Fortune 500 work with us today at and follow HRS on LinkedIn

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