Join the new work

Benefits for Businesses:

  • Access to the best remote work spaces
  • HUB Manager: advanced tool to find best work or meeting spaces based on an employee’s location
  • Pay-per-use pricing
  • Business discounts
  • Smart, efficient process
  • SaaS solution for self-service work facilities and small meetings
  • SaaS solution for corporate inventory
  • Managed compliance aspects from information security to billing

Benefits for employees:

  • Huge choice across co-working spaces and hotels
  • Access to corporate and spot market work desks, offices and meeting facilities
  • Mobile-first and integrated search and book experience
  • Professionally managed environment with data security, SSO convenience and curated content
  • Mobile check-in/out
  • Managed payment


We’re always on the look out for high quality, well-located workspaces. So if you fit the bill and you’re looking for new ways to fill your space, let’s team up.


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