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Welcome to Compay Hostel! Compay Hostel Punta del Diablo emerged from the union of three surfer bothers, brothers who shared waves, anecdotes, bonfires and journeys and who were hoping to create a place where all those could be reflected and where they could infect everyone with the value they found most important to them: friendship, which would always keep them together. We're located two blocks from the beach. Both from the living room and the bedrooms you can see the waves, the turquoise sea and why not the dance of whales and other dolphin-like animals that every year come visit our coasts. We provide you with a highly complete breakfast. At midday or in the afternoon you have a kitchen where you can cook anything you want, a kitchen which has nothing to envy the most amazing grandma's kitchen in terms of utensils and appliances. This is at your disposal 24/7, but at dinner we might invite you to a barbecue or to eat some of the dishes the chef Compay will prepare for the special occasion. We know how hard it is to describe such a beautiful and picturesque place as Punta del Diablo, but to give you more details so as to identify Compay, we tell you that we are 300 metres away from the city centre (approx. 0.186 miles). It is ideal to go for a walk around the crafts market, get to know the Fishermen Bay (La Bahia de los Pescadores) and meet the most fantastic local characters. We are within walking distance of Dona Sandra's little market who, apart from having everything you need, is an excellent hostess, always willing to tell you the endless stories about Punta del Diablo and about the brothers Compay, who are always noisy with their music and parties. In case you're into vibrant nightlife, the Hostel is five blocks from the most popular nightclub in Punta del Diablo, called Bit cora. As its owners are friends of ours, we always get invitations for the people staying at Compay. Hammocks waiting for you, a library where writers Cortazar and Galeano shake hands, toilets with hot water all day long, comfy rooms which are cleaned every day, bed linen, a washing machine available and cool common areas where Compay and its friendly staff will try to make each one of your days the best of them all.


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Compay Hostel (Castillos)

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Los huéspedes del Compay Hostel pueden usar las siguientes facilidades de estacionamiento.
  • Párking del hotel propio
¿Proporciona el Compay Hostel desayuno en el Compay Hostel?
Sí, en el Compay Hostel puedes disfrutar de la oferta de desayuno.
¿A qué hora puede registrarse en el Compay Hostel lo más pronto posible?
El registro es posible desde el reloj de 02:35 como muy pronto.
¿Cuál es la última hora de salida?
La salida es posible a más tardar en el 02:35 reloj.
¿Cuáles son las ventajas de reservar el Compay Hostel a través de HRS?
Desafortunadamente, el Compay Hostel no ofrece ninguna ventaja para los huéspedes de HRS.
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El hotel no tiene su propio restaurante.
¿El hotel no tiene barreras?
Compay Hostel desafortunadamente no está libre de barreras.
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Desafortunadamente las habitaciones de hotel en el Compay Hostel no tienen su propio aire acondicionado.
¿Puedo cancelar mi reserva en el Compay Hostel sin cargo?
Con nuestra tarifa Flex, los clientes de HRS siempre pueden cancelar sus reservas de hotel de forma gratuita antes de las 6 pm del día de registro.
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Puede pagar en el hotel con los siguientes medios de pago:
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Con su cuenta myHRS, puede ganar millas y puntos con nuestros socios 'Miles & More', 'BahnBonus' cada vez que reserve un hotel. Puedes encontrar más información enaquí.