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Frequently Asked Questions


I have forgotten my PCI password

Visit our Hotel Service Portal: and log in with your HRS login data. Click on “Booking Overview” and “Security account”. Now click the link “Forgotten your password?” and enter the e-mail address for which the user was created and click “reset password”. You will now receive an e-mail to your inbox. Click on “Reset password” to confirm your security question. Afterwards you can create a new password. For more information read our User Manual Guide & FAQs for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). (Link Handbuch)

How can I adjust the settings to only receive guaranteed bookings with credit cards?

For this purpose, you have to enter the so-called trade fair rate. Login the HRS Hotel Service Portal with your login data. Click “HSA – Hotel Self Administration” and “Rates and Availabilities”. Click on the rates in the calendar you would like to change, and select the date (dates) you would like to change the prices for. Change the rate type to TRADE FAIR RATE in the top of the window. ATTENTION: If you have already entered blocked dates, please retain the “keep existing close out dates in this period” box. Please select the valid dates and the possible arrival days and define the minimum stay duration (bookable for single nights or minimum stay of XXX nights).

How can I access my booking overview or find and work on an existing booking?

Login the HRS Hotel Service Portal with your login data. You can review any reservation for your hotel in the “Booking overview” on the Hotel Service Portal. Here, you also have the possibility to amend reservations and view credit card details and other information. After logging on to the Hotel Service Portal (, please click on “Booking overview” in the menu-bar. Please proceed to “Your bookings at a glance” and search for the reservation by booking-/process number, arrival date or booking date. After the arrival day has passed, you have the possibility to amend or cancel reservations. Right next to the booking you will see a pencil- and a trashbin-symbol: By clicking on the pencil symbol you can view the details of the reservation and amend or cancel – for example – breakfast or single nights. Please use the trash-bin symbol to mark cancellations or no show-bookings.

How can I update rates and availability?

Our step by step guide shows you how to update rates and availability in the Hotel Self-Administration (HSA)

What should I do if the credit card provided for my booking does not work?

The hotel has the option of making direct contact with the guest via the HRS Extranet. To do this, log on to the HRS Hotel Service Portal (, go to the “Booking Overview” application and search for the booking.
Then use the plus sign to open the communication panel with the guest and follow the instructions displayed.

NOTE: HRS can also send a request to update your credit card details to your guests. To do this, send such a request to HRS with the booking process number to an email address:

Informed guests have 48 hours to contact the hotel and update their credit card information.

Import and update hotel photos on HRS

To insert and update images on the HRS website, please use our photo service. You can add and exchange photos yourself at any time via the Hotel Service Portal (

: Log in with your HRS login data

STEP 2: Then select the “Photo service” application in the “Hotel data” tab.

STEP 3: To add a new photo, click on the “Load New Photo” button. Now you can select a photo from anywhere on your computer. The minimum width of the photo is 2048 px and the minimum height is 1536 px. The file name must not contain Polish letters. The selection of the photo is confirmed by clicking on the “Load” button. Now you can edit the photo so that the file has the optimal size for presentation on our website. When you are finished, click on the “Next” button. From the “Activity Area” list, select the category of the photo, choose its title and click the “Save” button. If you add more pictures, proceed in the same way.
You can also specify which of the pictures should appear as main pictures in the HRS hotel list.

NOTE: The main picture can only be selected after HRS has released the pictures. To do this, click on the “Work out” button in the view of an already added image. In the editing window, select “Use as image in the hotel list (new”, then confirm the deletion of the old main image with “delete” and confirm the selection of the new image with “save”.

NOTE: Changes on the HRS website will not be visible until the next working day.
Tips on loading images can be found here. (Verlinkung HRS Fotoservice)

Import and update hotel photos on HRS

Where can I find my credit card details for my booking?
HRS is not able to send your credit card details by e-mail.
The card data is stored under the reservation in the HRS extranet. To download your credit card data, please log on to the HRS Hotel Service Portal ( and then go to “Reservation overview”. Find the correct reservation, display it (with an eye or pencil symbol) and log in to your security account.

NOTE: The CVV code only appears once when you log in for the first time and display your credit card details.

Where can I change my hotel information, equipment and services?

Changes in the descriptions of the hotel, its facilities and services should be updated on the HRS extranet. To do this, log on to the HRS Hotel Service Portal (, then go to “My Hotel” and select “Hotel Data Management”. Here you will find 9 thematic tabs on the hotel, its facilities and services.

You can change the description of the hotel in the “Hotel data management” tab, point 2 “General information about the hotel”.
In the section “Special features of your hotel” there is an active field in which the hotel can rewrite the description itself.

The other two parts: “Location of your hotel, surroundings and places of interest” and “Style and atmosphere of your hotel” can only be changed by filling in the “Change request” form. The “Request_for_change” form is located on the same page (marked in blue directly above the description frame). The form should be filled in Polish and English and then sent to the e-mail addresses indicated on the form. The descriptions will then be amended by the HRS translation department.

How do I enter the “extra bed” price?

To determine the cost of the extra bed and policy for your stay with children, please log on to the HRS Hotel Service Portal (

STEP 1: Select the “Hotel Self Administration HSA” application and confirm your registration.
STEP 2: Select the “Other Prices” tab from the top menu and then click on the “Stay with Children” link.
STEP 3: Click on the “Add extra bed” icon and in the window that appears, enter the prices for the extra bed according to the age of your stay.

How do I enter the price for breakfast?

You create your breakfast price by logging into the HRS Hotel Service Portal ( and going to “Hotel Self-Administration”, then “Other Prices” and “Breakfast”.
Click on the “Add breakfast type” icon. The “Create Breakfast Type” window then opens.
Select the year for which you want to enter the breakfast price, select the type of breakfast and enter the price. Confirm the data by clicking on “Save” in the lower right corner.
NOTE: Entering the breakfast price for the following year is the basis for creating the rates for the following year (tab “Prices and availability”).

How and where do I enter the tax value?

The value of the tax applies from the time of entry.
To enter taxes, please log in to the HRS Hotel Service Portal (, go to the “Hotel Self-Management” tab and select the “Taxes” tab.
Then click on “Add tax configuration”. Once you have opened the window, enter the taxes applicable in the hotel.
NOTE: All rates including VAT, service charges and other fees should be entered if applicable. If local taxes are charged, they must be shown separately.

How do I uncheck No Show on HRS?

The hotel should check the credit card of the reservation before the arrival of the guests and approve the funds on it in advance. The hotel is responsible for ensuring payment of any no-show.

NOTE: Unrealized reservations will not be cancelled, nor should HRS be notified by e-mail.
In order to avoid the commission for the nights not executed, the booking must be unchecked in the booking overview on the HRS extranet, i.e. depending on whether or not payment has been made by the hotel. To do this, log on to the HRS Hotel Service Portal ( and then go to “Booking overview”. Then find the correct reservation and use the pencil, eye or basket symbol to change this reservation to a lower level with or without passage.

If this is not done in the above manner, you must make this change on your commission invoice. For detailed instructions, please refer to section 5 of the Online Invoice Portal (OIP) manual. (Link to the Online Invoice Portal manual)
The hotel has 7 days to correct each invoice from the time the invoice appears on the Online Invoice Portal (OIP) and makes these changes itself in the HRS Extranta accounting system.

How do I deselect my booked breakfasts?

Please refer to the breakfast handbook for information on how to enter breakfast. (Verlinkung Bookview Breakfast)

Cancelling a booking because a credit card is not working

First of all, guests must be informed that it is not possible to preauthorise on the card indicated under the booking.
Guests have 48 hours to contact the hotel and update their card details.

At the same time, we would like to point out that HRS will not accept a cancellation of the reservation without prior contact with the guest.
If a guest does not contact the hotel within 48 hours, it is possible to send a cancellation request in English to the following e-mail address:


How to create additional room categories?

Our step-by-step guide shows how to create additional room categories in the Hotel Self-Administration (HSA) application.

How can I update my rates and availability?

Our step-by-step guide shows how to update rates and availability in the Hotel Self-Administration (HSA) application.

How to block availability?

Our step-by-step guide shows how to block availability in the Hotel Self-Administration (HSA) application.

How to start discounts, for example “Business tariff” or “Last Minute”?

Our step-by-step guide shows how to run discounts in the Hotel Self-Administration (HSA) application.