Continuous Procurement

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Hotel procurement is affected by legacy issues:

Inefficient processes, lack of data, poor transparency, excessive manual work. Travel managers and procurement leaders are actively implementing new automation and seamless processes. Now is your chance to become part of the new marketplace, where your customers are increasingly negotiating their hotel program.

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Continuous Procurement – Step by Step



Biggest benchmarking in the lodging industry based on market, behavioral and process data, and +150M room nights sourced. 



Renegotiation, bundling, and alternative hotels to create the best program.



Efficient process with one bid with target rate approach via proprietary digital platform including instant benchmarking, normalized rates and rate prediction.

Explore the benefits of Continuous Procurement 

The HRS Continuous Procurement solution offers decision-makers in the travel industry the most technically innovative way to set up the optimal hotel program.

The main advantage for hotels: HRS is the only company to include the entire hotel landscape in the process – so that regional hotel groups and individual hotels also come into contact with companies. In addition to exclusive access, you benefit from the largest range of benchmarking data and maximum transparency, and HRS’ unmatched on-the-ground expertise in the world’s top 60 business travel city centers.

Incremental Business

HRS always suggests suitable hotel alternatives to its customers and actively brings new hotels into consideration.


Come in contact with a broad range of global corporations as business travel resumes in 2021.

Maximum Transparency & Data

Due to HRS’ technology first-approach and connectivity, hotels have access to a maximum amount of data.


Calculate the optimal offer in the shortest possible time.

Efficient Process

Digitalization of the RFP process enabled by the HRS Procurement Platform providing all data and simplifying bidding procedure.


Reduce the negotiation process from 12 to 4 weeks – saving time and resources.

Secure your incremental business with Corporate Clients

Secure your incremental business with Corporate Clients – choose your way of winning business now and only pay for the services you actually need:

SmartMarketplace SmartMarketplace Prime
Access to existing customerAs Marketplace and win new customers
ToolProcurement Platform Accessyesyesyes
Customer-Destination Datanoyesyes
ConsultingCompetitor Benchmarkingnoyesyes
Bid Refinement Modulenoyesyes
Sales DistributionTouchless Check-in/outnoyesyes
Clean & Safe Certificationyes
New Customer Acquisitionnonoyes
OfferNo Cost€ 249 / Participated RFP€ 999 / Won RFP

Find out more about your options

Basic Option

Already been invited to an RFP since you are a preferred hotel of an existing corporate client? Since you already know the customer’s requirements, you are likely confident of securing a new agreement.

Access HRS’ efficient procurement platform free of charge and submit an offer directly to the client. Reduce your back-office and contracting time – all at no charge to you.

Marketplace Smart Option

Ideal when you believe your hotel has the opportunity to win volume from a new corporate client or increase your share with an existing client. This is your all-around tool to stand out from your competitors and win the customer’s RFP.

Access HRS’ efficient procurement platform free of charge and submit an offer directly to the client. Benefit from transparent data and unmatched benchmarking from the competitive set of hotels. This comprehensive data helps you precisely tailor your offer.

See your offer in comparison with other (anonymised) hotels in your location Improve your bid as many times as necessary. HRS’ experienced team of sourcing consultants is available to provide you with advice and support through the entire procurement process.

For this unique set of services, HRS charges you a fee of only 249 euros per RFP.

Marketplace Prime Option

The ultimate opportunity to bring your company directly into the focus of corporate procurement decision makers.
Active sales support: HRS extends its Marketplace Smart offering by actively recommending your property as a suitable alternative for a prospective client’s hotel program.

Many customers have adapted to a fixed hotel program at their respective locations and lost sight of relevant changes in supplier marketplaces. (This is particularly true as hotels have implemented new socially-distanced public spaces, more touchless experiences and enhanced hygiene protocols as a result of the pandemic.) Buyers are often not aware of where they can possibly get better service and amenities for a compelling rate. Marketplace Prime draws attention to your property, and you’ll directly benefit from HRS’ active sales support. If you are invited to an RFP, you will have the best chance of winning vital incremental room nights via this full service and data package.

→ HRS charges a fee of 999 euros per RFP for Marketplace Prime – but ONLY if your RFP turns out to be a winning bid.
No other entity in the managed travel landscape offers such a compelling, risk-free avenue to more lucrative corporate volume than HRS.

Enabling Safe & Sustainable Hotel Programs

Clean & Safe Protocol

A protocol providing both corporations and hoteliers with a well-defined hygiene standard.

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Green Stay Initiative

An initiative using normalized data to give transparency on the sustainability of hotels.

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