Smart Booking

One-click personalized booking for Business Travelers

With 60% of business travelers booking their hotels outside managed channels, it is hard for enterprises to control and optimize lodging programs. Outdated technologies continue to drive these and other challenges. With HRS, you can:

  • Be present in prevalent online booking channels with the best quality, including Clean & Safe labels.
  • Get the volume you negotiated.
  • Reduce distribution and maintenance thanks to full compatibility to channel managers.

The HRS Smart Booking suite

The solution combines a set of innovative solutions that enable a state-of-the-art booking experience for travelers. With this, HRS directs a corporation’s entire lodging volume directly to preferred and participating hotels. Hotels can be part of this solution via the HRS Freesale Connect.


Patented Rate Filter 

Ensures that only compliant rates are bookable by travelers.


Best Buy

Comparing negotiated rates with HRS consortia rates and listing the lower results.



Connects to other booking channels including GDS, OTAs and Chain CRS and displays the most favorable rate.

Your Benefits with Smart Booking

HRS has redesigned antiquated distribution channels and offers hotels a direct interface to companies and their travelers worldwide with its Freesale Connect offering.

High Visibility in Corporate Booking Channels

Your hotel appears with the best quality and information, including Clean & Safe labels in the booking tools of global corporations. Your property’s visibility is enhanced with active recommendation.


Higher booking probability

Full Compatibility

The HRS Freesale Connect includes interfaces to the most important channel managers on the hotel side.


Less effort for setup and maintenance

Fair Price Performance Ratio

Unlike traditional interfaces, there is no annual fee associated with Freesale Connect. And the operating costs are also far below those of comparable distribution channels.


Instead of 7 to 10 EUR per booking of a net rate, hotels only pay a transaction fee of 2.50 EUR. Changes or cancellations are free of charge.

Enabling Safe & Sustainable Hotel Programs

Clean & Safe Protocol

A protocol providing both corporations and hoteliers with a well-defined hygiene standard.

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Green Stay Initiative

An initiative using normalized data to give transparency on the sustainability of hotels.

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