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Look forward to business hotels in Algiers

Algiers is the capital of Algeria, and an industrial centre, transport hub and business mecca. Home to around 3.5 million inhabitants, Algiers hotels offer a metropolitan area stretching some distance into the province. On the Mediterranean coast near the Tellatlas mountain range, Algiers' unusual geographical make-up is best experienced rather than described.

What will I discover here?

The Kasbah is a 16th century fortress and World Heritage Site. Even older is the 11th century Great Mosque, where you will find the eastern influences on the city in perhaps their most distilled state. The location of Algiers at the crossroads of eastern and western values, cultures and climates makes it a rich and unique melting pot. The city both was and is of great historic importance, particularly during the Ottoman Empire, and was embroiled in piracy from the time of Charles V, which continued even into Napoleon's era. Today, Algiers is commercially valuable for its strategic position and international trade links.

What will my business experience in Algiers be like?

Algeria is an important gateway for investors interested in Africa, and the economy is one of the continent's most competitive.The Bourse d'Algier stock exchange is the largest in the region. The city offers a mix of roads, railways, ports and airports, and there is even a tram system, so you can zip between meetings with ease. The universities in the city offer courses in economics, science and technology, supplying highly-educated talent. Global corporations including BP, ExxonMobil, Coca Cola engage in trade organisations such as USABC, which promotes America-Algeria trade. The Algerian events calendar is second to none, and you will likely find your industry compellingly represented.

What else can I do from my hotel in Algiers?

Hotels in Algiers have much to offer in the way of culture and leisure. The opera is a beautiful building and productions are spectacular. The Museum of Classical Antiquities and Islamic Art will give you insight into this city's vibrant past. The Musée Le Bardo and National Gallery are lovely. Of course, you should visit the Kasbah, but there are scores of mosques, Moorish palaces and a 16th century citadel vying for your attention. Algiers has an international football club and superb sports facilities. At the seaside resorts along the coast, you can enjoy activities like go-karting or take some post-work downtime.