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Hotels are faced with competitive pressure for lower volume

As a result of Covid-19, hotels have absorbed sharp volume reductions combined with changed guest requirements, intensifying competitive pressure.







The HRS Lodging Platform

HRS provides global chain hotels, regional groups and individual hotels with a platform that opens the door to the global corporate market and helps them meet the evolving needs of decision makers and travelers with minimal investments. In addition, HRS serves the new security needs of travelers with its Clean & Safe protocol, helping hotels easily convey their hygiene improvements. This helps hotels compete for new business and expand existing corporate partnerships at a lower distribution cost.

Our platform consists of three key parts:

Continuous Procurement

Hotel procurement is affected by legacy issues: process inefficiency, lack of data, poor transparency, excessive manual work. Moreover, the pandemic changed travel requirements, redefining priorities towards duty of care, product bundles and delivery of touchless on-site experiences for corporate travelers. And due to the fragmented market, many companies and service providers limit negotiations to just a few hotels.

Get a direct interface to companies and their travelers

HRS offers travel managers and hotels the most technically innovative way to negotiate company rates and product bundles – actively supported by HRS’ consulting services.

  • Get access to global corporations and demonstrate your enhanced hygiene standards
  • Generate additional revenue with new customers
  • Benefit from maximum transparency and data

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Smart Booking

With 60% of business travelers booking their hotels outside managed channels, it is hard for enterprises to control and optimize lodging programs. Legacy, outdated technologies continue to drive these and other challenges.

Offer your guests a contactless experience without investment costs 

The HRS Smart Booking suite combines a set of innovative solutions that enable a state-of-the-art booking experience for travelers. With this, HRS directs a corporation’s entire lodging volume directly to preferred and participating hotels.

  • Be present in prevalent online booking channels with the best quality, including Clean & Safe labels
  • Reduce your maintenance thanks to full compatibility to channel managers
  • Get the volume you negotiated

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Touchless Stay

Covid-19 has taken the hygiene and safety needs of guests to a new level. Travelers want to keep personal contact at the hotel to a minimum to reduce the risk of infection. Digital processes such as contactless check-in or virtual payment are more in demand than ever.

Offer your guests a contactless experience without investment costs 

HRS offers hotels the opportunity to offer guests this contactless experience without investment costs, an element that will be crucial to drive returning bookings from international business travelers.

  • Fulfill new customer needs
  • Offer State-of-the-Art payment to your corporate clients
  • Streamline and digitalize the processes in your hotel

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Enter the Global Corporate Market

Accessing HRS’ platform opens the door to the global corporate market and helps you meet the digital needs of decision makers and travelers. This enables you to secure new business for your hotel and expand existing partnerships with corporations.


of Global Fortune 500 Companies


Distribution Costs

150 M+

Room nights negotiated

Enabling Safe & Sustainable Hotel Programs

Clean & Safe Protocol

A protocol providing both corporations and hoteliers with a well-defined hygiene standard.

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Green Stay Initiative

An initiative using normalized data to give transparency on the sustainability of hotels.

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Meetings as a Service

Tackle your meetings program holistically with a data-driven end-to-end solution throughout the entire process from procurement to booking to payment and expense management.

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