Confidential communication

Would you like to make a complaint or report a breach of the law or our rules? Alongside contacting our internal Group Compliance department, you can also make a confidential report to our Ombudsman. You can also remain anonymous, if you prefer.

Ombudsman of the HRS Group

Alongside contacting the relevant internal team, the ombudsman provides an additional confidential way of making a complaint or reporting any unlawful conduct or breaches of internal rules in connection with the business activities of the HRS Group. The overarching goal is to prevent harm to employees, business partners and the HRS Group.

Current or former employees of the HRS Group and business partners can contact the external ombudsman with information and can remain anonymous if preferred.

The person contacting the ombudsman can do so free of charge. For more information about the ombudsman, how to provide information to the ombudsman and how this information is handled, please refer to the FAQ below.

Dr. Carsten Thiel von Herff, LL.M.

Loebellstraße 4
D – 33602 Bielefeld​​​​​​​

Tel.: +49 (0)521 / 55 7 333
​​Mobil: +49 (0)151 / 58 2 303 21