Paid vs. Booked Report

An Analysis of spending behavior in Corporate Lodging


Our analysis delves into the disparities between what’s booked and what’s actually paid in the realm of corporate lodging, based on data from HRS clients for the period of January to September 2023. . Discover meaningful insights from expense data showing you what`s important to know for your next procurement run! This analysis is your guide to understanding the nuances of corporate lodging spending behavior.

Key Findings:

  1. 40% of travelers overspend (average 13%), with breakfast, parking, and non-BF F&B as main drivers.

  2. 8% of travelers underspend, mainly on breakfast.

  3. Industries like FMCG, Energy, and Logistics show the most overspend, with varying reasons.

  4. Germans prioritize spending on breakfast, while the French tend to spend more on food and beverage.

  5. Rare travelers tend to indulge in ancillary sales more than medium/heavy travelers. Long-stay guests spend less on additional services, particularly breakfast.

Dive into the detailed analysis report including a detailed breakdown across different categories, including industry, country, traveler type, and a comparison between transient and long-stay transactions to uncover more insights

Our comprehensive, unparalleled benchmarking database encompasses more than 2M corporate rates from 35% of Fortune 500 companies and 150M transactions under management as well as 300M room nights and 3000+ corporate programs sourced annually, ensuring a high-quality and conclusive result.