HRS’ Green Stay Initiative (GSI) continues to gain momentum in the corporate hospitality ecosystem. Earlier today Siemens shared a public announcement regarding its commitment to having an industry-leading sustainable corporate lodging program, highlighting HRS’ Green Stay Initiative in driving use of more green hotels by Siemens travelers around the world.

In specific, Siemens noted that they are “the first global company to introduce a mandatory Green Stay Initiative (GSI) policy and request that hotels provide data about their environmental impact. Siemens, which accounted for more than two million room nights annually before the pandemic, sees GSI as an essential driver for achieving its sustainability targets. More than half of Siemens’ supplier hotels have already provided their data.”

“The HRS Green Stay Initiative provides us with a uniform global standard for measuring and comparing hotels’ environmental footprints,” said Thorsten Eicke, Head of Global Mobility Services at Siemens AG. “By implementing this initiative, we can now steer our hotel volume to support our ambitions for going green. This is a proven technology, and it’s clearly time to use these capabilities to serve our near-term and long-term sustainability goals.”

“Siemens continues to be a trailblazer when it comes to implementing new technologies to efficiently enhance their travel program,” said HRS CEO Tobias Ragge. “In this instance, our collaboration with Siemens truly benefits the totality of the global managed travel ecosystem. The Green Stay Initiative addresses the megatrend of this decade, as illustrated by the fact that hotels in 130 countries representing 300+ brands are participating today. With Siemens making this declaration today, we’re confident more programs will take this step in the near future as our industry takes concrete steps to keep our planet safe for future generations of travelers.”

James Kueng, Head of Global Travel Management at Siemens AG talking about the importance of Green Stay

Green Stay has won several awards

Since 2021, Green Stay has continued to be recognized for its contribution to sustainable travel and has won numerous awards covering the topics of sustainable innovation, products and services.

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