Reuters Webinar

Quality Sustainable Reporting Across All Scopes

Decarbonizing business operations and supply chains to reach net zero goals can only be achieved through consistent and accurate reporting across all scopes. With both regulatory and investor pressure necessitating quantifiable, comprehensive data from all scopes of the supply chain, businesses need the right tools and frameworks that are up to standard and demand, in order to feel confident with the data they are being given comes from credible sources.

This one-hour on-demand webinar will help you understand how to remain compliant with new legislation and regulations, reducing potential future business costs and hitting your net zero targets.

Key areas of discussion:

  1. Explore the best methods to collect accurate, comparable data from all scopes and suppliers that mitigates penalties and aligns with regulatory and investor demands
  2. Gain full transparency to achieve Net Zero by identifying carbon hotspots in your supply chain through transparent ESG reporting
  3. Get to grips with the latest management capabilities that drive data access and data accuracy that will ultimately help your company establish its pathway to realistically meet your sustainability goals

Learn from industry experts:

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