What you gain from working with HRS

Controlling your hotel category spend to realize real savings is possible. Providing your employees with a better experience during business trips is possible. Gaining full visibility of your company's stay patterns, negotiated rate correctness, amenity spending and booking behavior is possible. It's possible because at HRS our singular focus is on solving the common pain points of hotel category procurement and management. We work with our customers around the globe to constantly innovate and adapt our solutions, allowing you to do the same in your own program.

Tobias Ragge

"We leverage our expertise in complexity to create simplicity for your travel program and your travelers."

Tobias Ragge

Chief Executive Officer of HRS
Hotel savings

Realize year-over-year hotel savings

When sourcing and procuring accommodation, travel managers are paying too much for too little in return. Corporate travel plans that are focused on a few large hotel chains are losing out through ignoring the potential of smaller and more regional accommodations. Sourcing a smart hotel package requires two things: smart data to assess whether negotiated rates are competitive, and access to local market expertise to negotiate optimal results regionally. HRS supplies both of these key solutions to our customers, who rely on comprehensive, continuous and intelligent sourcing strategy that allows savings of 9 % on average. These savings are made possible through our expertise in service bundling, rate optimization, and provision of alternative hotel partners.

Gain access to hundreds of lodging experts worldwide

While it’s true that new digital tools have transformed corporate travel, not even the most advanced technology can replace the role of personal contacts in the highly fragmented global hotel market. As an HRS customer, you can rely on our 500+ local lodging experts worldwide. They'll support you end-to-end, with direct lines of communication to our thousands of hotels globally. Any individual concerns you might have, from negotiating preferred modes of payment to making sense of what’s included in your hotel package, will be resolved by our experts.
Gain access
Boost traveler

Boost traveler satisfaction and efficiency

Business travelers don’t have the time to be worrying about their lodgings, and with the support of our sourcing experts at HRS, they won’t be. Our HRS app provides our customers access to a huge selection of both chain and independent hotels. Our open platform approach means easy interfacing with all Global Distribution Systems (GDS), and glitch free integration into the systems of other travel partners. Plus we offer smart payment solutions like virtual credit cards, meaning an end to upfront payments and tedious expense reporting.

Ensure rate correctness and availability

Many companies simply don’t have the human or technical bandwidth to constantly be checking on negotiated hotel rates. Are your bookings being correctly invoiced by the hotels? Are your negotiated rates reflected in your final expenses? Studies show that 22 % of all billings differ from the rates originally negotiated, with an average price difference of 14 %. HRS can help you avoid this loss, by providing tools that ensure rate correctness and availability. For your and your business travelers' peace of mind, our tools detect rate violations and penalize providers responsible for them. Our solutions ensure rate transparency, clarity, and consistency, meaning more predictable budgeting and expensing for your company.

A satisfied traveler is the key to a successful travel.

Data transparency

Enhance data transparency and quality

A seamless flow of data can make an individual business trip more efficient, more convenient, and safer. Unfortunately, data flows are often interrupted by travel service providers who don’t cooperate. This becomes a disadvantage for both corporations and travelers, who are then unable to benefit from responsive data-driven solutions. At HRS, we seamlessly connect to the Application Programming Interfaces (API) of all data collecting platforms involved, covering the entire travel chain: from air travel to hotels, from rental cars to payment solutions, from ground transport to Online Booking Engines (OBE). In this way, we empower you to compare, optimize and steer your entire travel program via one platform – the HRS dashboard.

Improve your duty of care globally

Providing your colleagues with a positive travel experience will keep everyone satisfied and in compliance with your company’s travel guidelines and agenda. For legal reasons and safety reasons, we provide you with tools like Smart Hotel technologies and centralized billing, to prevent irregular bookings and practice responsible oversight throughout your company trip. And if ever a crisis situation should emerge, we’ll provide you with exact knowledge regarding the location of your travelers, for maximum risk management and resolution.
Care globally

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