Elevating experiences in times of disruptions with Cloud Solutions

Is your airline ready to thrive in the digital age or are you falling behind? Elevating passenger & crew experiences in times of disruptions with Cloud Solutions

Are you keeping up with digital transformation? And what do you need to focus on now to stay ahead of the game?

As the airline industry becomes increasingly competitive, it’s more important than ever for airlines to focus on digital transformation and process automation in crew and disrupted passenger management.

In this webinar, we discuss the role of technology, particularly cloud solutions, in giving airlines more flexibility and agility to enable seamless processes powered by automation in daily operations and disruptions delivering + 80% in time savings and efficiency gains.

Our panel of experts addresses the following key questions:

Would you like to innovate faster, improve satisfaction of your passengers and crew, and ultimately increase revenue? Then watch this thought-provoking webinar, in collaboration with AWS, as we explore the crucial connection between digitalization, agility, sustainability and customer satisfaction in the airline industry.


Luca De Angelis | CEO | HRS Crew & Passenger Solutions

Clare Ward | AWS | Worldwide Technical Leader Travel & Hospitality Solutions

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