HRS CRew and Passengers

Covering crew management and passenger disruption by ensuring the operations teams have complete visibility, control and resources to plan ahead and react to changes in real time effortlessly.
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One seamless experience, enabled through the travel companion app.

From a booking confirmation, transfers, contactless travel, to a digital allowance. Paperless processes reduce what used to take hours, to minutes. It’s travel, without the hassle.

Seamless Experience

All-in-one travel companion app means a seamless, automated journey for those ‘on the road’, ensuring peace of mind.


Digital cash-less allowance in local currency via the travel companion app.

Real Time Communication

Crew on the road are up to date via the real time communication channel.


One holistic approach to streamline crew & passenger operations, end-to-end.

With continuous procurement for lodging and transport, automated planning management and room allocation, paperless processes and digital allowance.

One Holistic Platform

Fully automated, flexible to customer needs, with one single application controlling all operations. Delivered with global consistency, through proprietary technology.

Process Automation

Fully automated and instantly connected processes for internal teams, including pay-to-reclaim, digital invoice, allowance and compensation handling.


Automation efficiencies of +82%. Global procurement drives on average 10% cost savings, with a savings guarantee.


Taking care of passengers with a personalized, pre-arranged travel package issued directly to their devices, as soon as disruption strikes.

Passengers simply select a hotel, choose their transfer and receive instant compensation.

Performance When It Counts

Transform disruption into an opportunity to give passengers the support they need.

Process Automation

Self-service solution is automatically triggered to choose available hotel and transfers.

Peace Of Mind

An intuitive self-service which has everything a passenger needs, on their device, with instant reimbursement.

Set the new standard


Our customers are some of the largest air, logistics and rail companies in the world.


crew and passenger

HRS Crew & Passenger Solutions Wins Deutsche Bahn AG’s for driving an outstanding customer-centric approach via automation and digitalization

Db Supplier Award Winner

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